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It’s always good when I come across a new zombie book. But one with dinosaurs too, how could I resist?!

This was a blast.

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Pale Rider

Zombies Versus Dinosaurs #1

by James Livingood

Genre: Science Fiction / Fantasy



This is free on Amazon. Just click on the cover to grab your copy!

My Review

I like a good post-apocalyptic story. How could I resist one with zombies and dinosaurs in it.

Mind you, this takes place in modern times. No cavemen here. Civilization has ground to a halt. Humans are no longer at the top of the food chain. Instead, zombies roam freely while humanity cowers, struggling to survive.

Pockets of survivors are trying to change things.  They engineer these creatures, similar to dinosaurs, to help with clearing land and planting crops. Others think it’s foolish. So, of course, they fight amongst themselves.

You get the picture. Read it before. But with dinos and zombies? Don’t think so.

Gory, funny, and over the top. This may not be one that wowed me, but it kept me entertained and I read it in one sitting. Plus, the ending was left open for more and I’ll be watching to see if another chapter is released.

3 Stars



“I am often left to wonder why a zombie, walking around in the sun, smells better than a pooping dinosaur.”

Two worlds collide in this action novelette. Zombies have destroyed civilization. Gasoline fuel is no longer an option, but humanity must find a way to survive. In response to trying to restore our way of life, we engineer franken-monsters. Because of their small brains and massive sizes, these beasts make quick work of farming and clearing land. These large creatures are immune to the zombie virus and perform excellently in loud conditions. They are easy to train. They behave like war horses, prone to help charge in and defend our livelihood.

In honor of the past, and to help build our future, we named these creatures dinosaurs.



Avant was massaging his temples when the plan was thunderously shattered by a panicked dinosaur. Clearing land rarely went to plan, but it was rare that it went off course so soon.

The vegetation deeper in the forest was the first sign of trouble. The commotion started with cracking trees as a large animal thumped out of the nearby forest. As if being saddled in a giant rodeo, the brontosaurus kicked and bucked with its back legs. The beast kept jumping from left to right as if something were riding it. Our simple plan gave way to my bellowing commands between the bleating roar of the long-necked dinosaur.

“Re-group point! Re-group point!” I yelled to my crew, pointing down the fence line. This order would cause a lot of noise, but a quiet operation was no longer an option. We also had to continue the plan. Solomon was still preparing for our sweep, though I couldn’t imagine a better crier than a loud, pained dinosaur. Were there ants on its back? No. Those were zombies. The brontosaurus must have been foolish to stop for vegetation or bed down nearby.


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James was born in Montana, raised with three brothers, and provided trouble for two parents. In his 20’s he fell in love with the Pacific Northwest. He then moved out to Seattle after college and started a life. In 2014, he started to write full time.

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