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Hello everyone and Happy Sunday!

I had such a fun week. I didn’t do much. Read some books. Watched some shows and movies. Read some books. And did a little shopping. Got a new cell phone and some clothes. I needed shorts and shirts so bad. I swear, everything I own is old. LOL I usually wear the same favorite things over and over. They finally fall apart from the frequent washings. So, I bought more clothes to wear over and over. When I find something I really like, I buy it in several colors, even shoes. Now to start breaking everything in!

Enough about me. Let’s get to all of the books from this week!

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New books on my shelf. Some I won, some are for review, and some I just had to have.

Print books.

23391999  28114461

7934007  13350412  13637592

New eBooks

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And here are some freebies for ya!

Click on the covers to get yours and remember to make sure they’re still free before you click that buy button.

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Books I reviewed this weeks. Click on the covers for my reviews.

Both of these were 5 Star reviews.

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Books I’ll be reviewing next week.

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So, what did you get to read this week?

Got any recommendations?

I’d love to know and thanks so much for visiting fuonlyknew.

  1. We are kindred spirits…lol. I am the same way with cloths! I really just hate shopping so I buy a few things I like and wear them till they have holes and then repeat cycle. :)

    You got some interesting books, I have always been curious about the Michael Bennett books by JP but not tried them. Hope you like them! :)

    Have a great day and happy reading!
    Week in Review

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I hate it when my favorite clothes get old. LOL Now I know to grab several items so I don’t wear them out so fast. Patterson has several different series but Bennett is my favorite. A detective with ten kids!! How interesting and fun.

  2. The Mesmerist looks good. I do the same thing with clothes. I never buy multiples of shoes though, but then I always want to kick myself when a favorite style wears out and they don’t have them any longer. Have a wonderful week. :)

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I used to have three shelves in my closet just for shoes! Now I go for comfort and have tons of sandals and flip flops. LOL I won The Mermerist and it looks really fun.

  3. I love getting new clothes but my husband is the same way as you. Periodically I have to make him go buy new stuff because his weekend clothes look like they’ve been through a shredder! Great books this week! I haven’t read James Patterson in forever but I really should. I used to love his books. Have a great week and good luck breaking everything in!

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I used to be such a clothes hound. LOL Now, I find something I like and buy several of them. Living on the Gulf Coast, it’s all about beachy clothes anyway. LOL

  4. katarguelles says:

    Sounds like a fun week. I hate clothes shopping so some of my clothes are worn out but they are so comfortable. I’ll only go to the mall if I really need to replace something lol.

    The freebies look good so I’ll have to check them out. Have a great week!

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I tend to only go to a couple of stores to but my clothes. I do have some gift cards I need to use though. Browsing for the freebies is a lot of fun. I enjoy trying to find something for everyone and try hard not to grab all of them for myself. LOL

  5. Greg says:

    I tend to wear favorites a lot too lol. And good looking books this week! I’m curious about The Black Rose. And James Patterson- I’ve never read him but I’ve been watching Zoo, which is based on one of his books.

    • fuonlyknew says:

      Looks like a lot of us are fond of comfy clothes. I won Black Rose and the whole series sounds good. I used to read Patterson all the time. He has a good thriller series and his Max Ride series about children with wings was good at the beginning. My favorite are his Michael Bennett series. I won his Zoo book ARC and it’s awesome. Has all of the cover choices as a fold cover flap. I’m curious now that he says he’s writing a second book for Zoo. The TV show is good but quite different fromthe book.

  6. Comfy clothes are the best! When I find a tee shirt or jeans that I like, I get multiple colors or pairs. I gotta stick with what works. 😀

    Lots of James Patterson last week; guess when you find an author you like, you stock up on those too, lol. I’ve been watching Zoo and enjoying it but I’m not surprised to hear it’s different from the book. That’s par for the course with adaptations.

    Have a good week!

    • fuonlyknew says:

      We are so alike! LOL If it fits, don’t change it, grab more! Yeah, I used to read a ,lot of Patterson’s books. I’m trying to catch up on his Michael Bennett stories. My favorite. The Zoo book is very different from the series. There’s good and bad about the changes.

  7. Yay for a new cell phone! That’s always exciting! I hope you enjoy your new books! Dog Backwards looks really interesting. Thanks for the freebies! 😀

    Here’s my Weekly Recap!

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I love my new phone. Now to learn all the goodies on it. LOL I had to grab Dog Backwards. It intrigued me just with the title.

  8. yvonne473 says:

    Some great books on your list. Have a great week!

  9. Great haul! I love the James Patterson books featuring Michael Bennett. I have a copy of Worst Case that I haven’t yet read. Must read it soon!

    Thanks for sharing…and for visiting my blog.

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I love that he’s raising all those kids almost by himself. Crossing my fingers he hooks up with the nanny. LOL

  10. atothewr says:

    I do the same thing with clothes. I wear them till they are almost see through.

  11. Sounds like a good week!! Hope you enjoy all your new books. Have a great week!

  12. Sounds like you had a great week. I am not a shopper, but I do feel the same way about my favorite clothes.
    sherry @ fundinmental My Sunday Memes

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I know. Some of my clothes are from a long time ago. Just wait a while and they come back in style. LOL

  13. “When I find something I really like, I buy it in several colors, even shoes.” Well, of course—it only makes sense! No, seriously, I do exactly the same thing. I’m hard to fit; if I find something that fits well and I like the way it looks and feels, of course I’m going to get several. If it’s a style that doesn’t go out of style (like a t-shirt), I may even get two in the same color, and stash one away for when the first one wears out.

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I know! Grab different colors, accessorize, and voila! A different outfit! And get the same colors as back up. LOL You are so like me!

  14. Emma says:

    The Mesmerist sounds pretty nifty.

  15. I am the same way with clothes I wear around the house. I have hand-me-down overlarge shirts I use as nightgowns from my aunt (now in her 40s) that she had in her 20s. I’m so sad because one is split up the side to nearly my hip, but I won’t throw it out. They are so soft! It makes me sad to think the day will eventually come.

    • fuonlyknew says:

      LOL I have some like that too. Who knows how old they are. They are just so comfortable!

  16. Melissa (My World...in words and pages) says:

    Oooo! So glad to see you have Black Rose. I love that book and series. It’s really good. Do hope you enjoy it as well! 😀

    Have a great week. (or what’s left of it at least.)

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I was so lucky to win it. I had a choice of the books and went with the first one!