What’s New On My Bookshelf #187 ~ It’s a brand new year!

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This is my own version of a weekly book haul and all things new on fuonlyknew.

I’m also linking up with The Sunday Post hosted by Kimberly @Caffeinated Book Reviewer.

Sunday Post

Some chit chat.

Happy New year!

I don’t know about you, but, boy, am I ever ready for 2017. I sure hope it’s a good one.

I have so many plans for change this year, in my personal life and with my reading and blog. I’ll be out there looking for a new job. Cross your fingers and toes for me! And I plan to make some changes with books and my blog.

I want to try to winnow down my TBR. Been working on that already. In order to accomplish that ginormous task, I need to stop taking in as many review books. I plan to be a bit more selective and still take in ones from authors I’m already reading.

I also plan to TRY to quit grabbing freebies. I know there will be some I can’t resist, but I need to tone that down or my TBR will just keep growing.

And I want to work on my blog some. I won’t be changing the look. I’ve had it a long time and it’s me! But I plan to add some new post features, one of them being a Kid Korner meme so I can review all of the fun children’s and young reader’s books I’ve enjoyed.

I’m also going to focus more attention on my Monday Minis Reviews, Freakin Fridays, and Saturday Screams review posts and keep them more regular. That helps out a lot with my TBR mountain too.

Got more ideas but I need to see how they fit in before I commit.

How about you? Got any big changes you plan to make?


New books this week.

33307092  33155533  The Knowing: Book One by [Hammon, Ninie]

And this audible book. I had to have it after watching the wicked movie.


I completed all of my reading challenges. You can click on the banners or go HERE to view them. Sure had fun this year.

alphabet 2016

I was stuck on the letter Y but finally found a book that fit.


Had fun with this in 2015 and did it again for 2016. I chose Horror Hound and pledged to read 16 books, and I had a feeling I’d have no trouble with this one. I read and reviewed 63 books.


I went with Level 3 – Super Sleuth : 13-20 books and read and reviewed 23.

And no problem completing this either as I love my cozies.


I completed my Goodreads Challenge. Pledged to read 125 books and actually read 210.

And had my own personal TBR challenge and read and reviewed 68 books.


I’ll be signing up for the Goodreads Challenge again this year along with doing my personal TBR challenge. I also signed up again for the 2017 Alphabet Soup Challenge and found a new cozy challenge to try.

Click on the banners to check out my pledges and sign up if you want to join in!



And here are some freebies for ya. Click on the covers to get your copies. Remember to make sure they’re still free before you hit that buy button.

Introducing Gertrude, Gumshoe by [Merrill, Robin]  Murder Most Likely (an Emma Cassidy Mystery Book 3) by [Chester, Karen]  A Body in the Bargain: A Kate & Kylie Mystery by [Moore, Charlotte]

Gertie's Paranormal Plantation: Tales from the Paranormal Plantation by [James, Melanie]  Chasing Tinsel (Miranda Vaughn Mysteries) by [Ashe, Ellie]  'Scuse Me While I Kill This Guy: Romantic Comedy Mystery (Greatest Hits Mysteries Book 1) by [Langtry, Leslie]

Beautiful Storm (Lightning Strikes Book 1) by [Freethy, Barbara]  Boogie House: A Rolson McKane Southern Mystery by [Braddy, T. Blake]  In the Spirit of Murder (The Claudia Hershey Mystery Series Book 1) by [Belgrave, Laura]


Books I reviewed this week. Click on the covers to read my reviews.

25943818  30071743  33295096

23197241  32605810


Other posts on my blog this week.

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  1. Greg Hill says:

    Saturday Screams sounds great and so does Kids Korner. I like a good MG once in a while. Hope you had a great New Year and here’s wishing you a fabulous 2017! :)

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I decided I needed to have more organized posts to share all of the books I enjoyed and plan to read and I read a lot of horror and young readers books. Happy New Year, Greg!

  2. kentuckygal50 says:

    *sigh* So many books, so little time. 😉 Happy New Year!

  3. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s impossible to make our TBRs smaller. They’re like hydras, every time you read one book, three more get added lol. That’s awesome that you’ve plans and goals though :-) I’ve got no clue what I’ll be doing with my blog. I’m wingin’ it. Just like I did last year 😛 Happy New Year!

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I know. I thought about not adding books until I actually started reading them, but then how would I keep track as my kindle is loaded with them. LOL Happy New year!

  4. I like changing things up, too, and while I don’t have any immediate plans for my six (yes, six!) blogs, I tend to regularly tweak things. Plus there is another Bloggiesta coming.

    I stopped taking freebies a while ago, as I discovered I usually didn’t read them. But I’ve been downloading the Prime freebies lately…and some are quite good, while others…not so much.

    A dilemma. Enjoy your New Year, and you have quite a few books and challenges ahead. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    • fuonlyknew says:

      Holy cow! Six blogs! I just have the one. used to also co-host on another but when the host decided to stop, I knew I couldn’t keep it going by myself. I have too much going on here now anyway. And I want my content to be good, not stressed. Here’s to a brand new year!

  5. Drangonfly says:

    looking forward to all the changes on your blog, especially the Kid Korner meme! UGH don;t ask me about changes. I change would be me not changing my blog. I’m already looking for a new theme. Happy New Year Laura.

    • fuonlyknew says:

      LOL My blog has looked the same for many years. It’s me. I do want to add new ideas though and that will show in my posts. Happy new year!

  6. Lelia T says:

    I’ll be making a probably futile attempt to control my NetGalley, Edelweiss and blog tour addictions in an even more futile attempt to put a lid on my TBRs 😉

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I only have one book from Edelweiss but my Netgalley books are being neglected so I refuse to request or accept more until that’s cleared up. Happy New year!

  7. Lelia T says:

    Oops—and Happy New Year!

  8. Happy New Year, Laura!
    I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for a new, fantastic job for you!
    It’s good that you have some plans for change this year, I look forward to seeing your new ideas for the blog :)
    Happy reading.

    • fuonlyknew says:

      Happy New year, Lexxie!
      I’ve already got some posts ready and plan to do more to topple some books off the TBR. LOL

  9. Happy New Year! It’s great to make some changes to your blog. I also made some changes to my blog to make things more organized for me and it’s working out just fine! I hope your new blog turns out okay!

    Here’s my Sunday Post!

    Ronyell @ Rabbit Ears Book Blog and join in this week’s Book Photo Sundays!

  10. I’ve been considering watching the film for I am not a serial killer but didn’t know it was a book. Hmmm, I’ll see the film then decide on the book I think! Good luck with reducing the tbr (I’m right there with you!) and on finding a new job!

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I liked the movie. And I’m going to be adding audible reviews as one of my new changes on the blog and decided to start with this one. It’s actually a series! Thanks so much and Happy New year!

  11. limabean74 says:

    I love the idea of new features on the blog. I am also trying to update the blog a bit with a lot more fun stuff and more reviews, I need to read more and stop adulting 😉
    I have been more selective in what I grab only because my taste in books has changed.

    I hope you have a Happy New Year Laura!
    Have a great week and Happy Reading!

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I hope the changes will help to organize my reading and add some more fun to it. Happy New year!

  12. I have the same idea with my reading and grabbing, but I have such a hard time with the grabbing…lol. I need to quit getting freebies until I have read some that I already have. Maybe I need to do a Freebie Finds post to get myself reading some freebies…lol. I have been trying to organize my kindle and make better use of my goodreads and so far I have something like 114 freebies listed and I am not nearly done going through my amazon books! I have over 1700 bought or free books on my kindle from just amazon!

    Good luck with your goals! Happy New Year!

    Week In Review

    • fuonlyknew says:

      Every time I start to organize my Kindle and shelves on Goodreads I get overwhelmed. LOL And I think I have you beat on your numbers. Happy New year, Stormi!

  13. Wow! You definitely demolished the Horror Challenge this year! You put me to shame! XD Enjoy your books! Grimm Woods looks really good! Have a great week 😀

    Here’s my Weekly Recap!

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I had a feeling I’d have no problem with a horror challenge. LOL I’ll check, and if you’re hosting it again, I’ll sign up!

  14. karen blue says:

    Yay! Congratulations for completing all you challenges! I am sure your new features will be successful. Loads of luck for finding a new job. I hope you find something you love (that pays well). Also, good luck on NOT getting new books this year. I am kinda on a ban from buying and one-clicking as well. You can do it!
    Have a great week!

    • fuonlyknew says:

      Thanks. It was fun doing the challenges and I found some great new authors and books. Now to find that new job!

  15. Melissa says:

    You had a great week! Happy new year and good luck resisting freebies…definitely my weakness!

  16. Literary Feline says:

    My fingers and toes are crossed for you on the job search front. I know what a headache that can be. :-S Good luck too with all the changes you want to make to your blog. I think they all sound great. I would like to be better about posting reviews or posts about the books I read with my daughter, but it’s hard to keep up with. I’ll be giving it a try though.

    I hope you have a Happy new Year!

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I have one job that I’m hopeful about. Got an in there and just waiting for a new opening. It’s going to be a busy year on the blog and excited about it. It’s my hobby and I love it!

  17. sjhigbee says:

    I love the ideas you have for changing your blog:). You have had a marvellous blogging year – congratulations on meeting your reading challenges. As for your TBR – hm… I know I’d like to get mine under control, too. I hope you have a happy, successful 2017 and look forward to exchanging views on books:).

    • fuonlyknew says:

      It sure has been a fun year. My 5th blogoversary is in February and I can’t believe how much fun I’ve had. Here’s to another year or sharing wonderful books and authors!

  18. Good luck in your job search! I hope 2017 goes well for you and all of the changes you make work in your favor!

  19. charliegirl says:

    I also need to work on curtailing the freebie grabbing. And I’ll be looking for a new job this year, too! I am nervous! Happy 2017!

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I’m nervous too. I don’t relish being interviewed and when I get a new job it’s hard until I become acquainted with the job and other employees. Funny how we fear new things.

  20. Happy New Year and fingers crossed! It’s impossible to tame the TBR, I do delete those books I know I won’t read but that’s it. For every book I delete, two more get shelved LOL.

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I know. My TBR will always be growing too. I really want to work on the ones that are long overdue as I usually end up with more than one book by thoe author. Happy New year!

  21. katarguelles says:

    Happy New Year and good luck with the job change! I love the new additions you are planning for the blog. I am also trying to tackle my TBR so I’m reducing the amount of review books I accept or request. Fingers crossed we can both do this lol. I hope you have a great week and new year!

    • fuonlyknew says:

      Happy New Year to you too! Sounds like we have similar goals. Crossing fingers and toes for you also:)

  22. Liliana says:

    Ooooh, you also got the new Ellie Jordan book! It’s one of my favorite ghost series!! I’m excited to start it!

    • fuonlyknew says:

      It’s a favorite of mine too! My reviews of the 6th and 7th book will be coming soon. For some reason, I keep thinking this 8th book is the end of the series. I hope not but I know all good things must end sometime.

  23. I think you have AWESOME goals for 2017! I wouldn’t change the look of your blog either, especially if you had it forever!! I change mine almost monthly but that’s me, I’ve already changed my blog name once. But you’re more like Dark Fairy Tales – they’ve been around forever and haven’t changed their look and you KNOW who they are!

    The review book goal is a great one, too but oh so tough! Like Bryan’s book you got this week. He’s a great writer, it’s hard to pass that up!!!

    Good Luck on your job search and Happy New Year!!!

    • fuonlyknew says:

      Mt theme may be old but you;re right, it’s me. LOL I love the Ellie Jordan series and always so excited when the next book arrives. Thanks so much and Happy New Year!

  24. Good luck on finding a new job! Will keep everything crossed for you! LOL

    Your new plans for your blog sounds fun! Here’s hoping for a great new year! ~Aleen

  25. OMG Grimm Woods sounds awesome. It’s the second book feature Woods in the title I’ve added to my wishlist this morning – so much for that resolution! (just kidding, I wasn’t stupid enough to make a resolution regarding my Wishlist/TBR – I knew I would break it!)

    • fuonlyknew says:

      That title grabbed me too. I bet my sister will want to read it also. She has a thing about trees. LOL I’m determined to get to my own book shelves and have read a bunch of them. Now to share reviews.

  26. I’m getting a late start on my blogging new year. :-)
    sherry @ fundinmental

  27. I’m definitely hoping to catch your Kids Korner posts from time to time! I’m always looking for good kid lit to add to my shelves for my daughter.
    Happy New Year! :)

  28. It sounds like you’ve got a lot of plans for the New Year. I know I should probably try and cut back on my review copies too, but then I read the summary and decide that is definitely a book I want to read and then I somehow have 15 review copies lined up to be finished in 3 months. It’s crazy. I never used to be like this. And mixing things up and creating some new posts for your blog is always fun, Kids Korner posts will be interesting, it’s always nice to see reviews of something different.