The Kid’s Korner #2 ~ C Is For Closet Creep and M Is For Me-Me

Posted: February 8, 2017 in Children's books, reviews
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Welcome to The Kid’s Korner!

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I have a couple of fun children’s books to share today. Both are from A.J. Cosmos Monsters A To Z series, based on characters he created, and written by two different authors. I really enjoyed them.


M Is For Me-Me

Monsters A To Z #3

Written by Rusty Fischer

Based upon characters created A.J. Cosmos



My Review

Another hit for the series. And, per usual, there are some fun, exciting illustrations.

A little creepier than some of the other books in the series. I liked how the boys handled the selfish monster. A lesson to all.

I especially like the cover for this book. When I was young, I hunted the library shelves looking for ones like this. And such a clever title too.

4 Stars



Not all monsters are sweet; some are scary, or worse, selfish! For weeks, Jerry had noticed things missing, but it wasn’t until his best friend Chuck lost the T.V. remote that they met the monster stealing their stuff. Do the boys have what it takes to stop the most selfish monster of them all?

The Monsters A to Z series gets scary in the third book that’s not for the feint of heart.



C Is For Closet Creep

Monsters A To Z Book #7

Written by S.L. Mayne

Based upon character’s created by A.J. Cosmos



My Review

A fun story to read along with or out loud to your young ones. It has the cutest illustrations of the monsters too.

Ever wonder what your kid imagines is in their closet when they cry out to you. This is a delightful story that may dampen those fears in your child. Have them imaging quirky friends in there instead of something scary.

I had no problem connecting with this one. I remember one night, I was in bed with the lights out and heard a noise coming from my walk in closet. My older brother jumped out screaming and scared me into my teens. LOL I still sleep with my closet doors closed. This book would have come in handy after that incident.

4 Stars



Is something keeping you awake? Maybe there’s a monster in your closet!

Malcolm is just trying to get some sleep, but noises from the closet are keeping him awake. Does the creature want to eat him? Maybe. Or does the monster just want a friend?

The fifth book in the Monsters A to Z series is a story about making an unusual friend in a familiar place.

For emergent readers ages 5-8 (2nd grade) Six full color illustrations. 1,500 words.



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  1. Berls says:

    These both look like fun reads and I could see some of my kids really loving them. They may be afraid of monsters, but they love them too lol!

  2. I have some of his books and need to share them too. They look so darn cute, how can anyone resist them. :-)
    sherry @ fundinmental