Freakin Fridays #51 ~ Devil In The Countryside and Apparition Lake

Posted: June 2, 2017 in Freakin Friday, horror, Mystery, reviews
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Welcome to Freaking Fridays, where I share my reviews of books that scare you, thrill you, and get those endorphins pumping.

I’ve gota couploe of good ones to share today.


Devil In The Countryside

by Cory Barclay



Genre: Historical Mystery/Horror

My Review

The story takes place in Germany. The year is 1588. People are being murdered, torn to pieces in what looks like a vicious animal attack. Rumors abound that the Werewolf Of Bedburg had returned.

Investigator Heinrich Franz is tasked with discovering who or what is behind the killings and putting an end to it. He’s joined by three people who, whether willingly or by choices not their own, combine their knowledge to kill the beast and save their town.

This book reads like a movie. I felt like I was watching events as they took place. The settings were so visually written and it was steeped in suspense and horror as the characters delved into the mystery and more people were torn apart.

The historical aspect was well written. Especially the religious and political agendas of the times. It was a bloody battle on both sides. And there is quite the cast of characters. I wasn’t sure any of them could be called good people. They all had secrets and hidden agendas.

And is there really a werewolf? I wasn’t sure right up til the end.

4 Stars



Devil in the Countryside is a story about the most famous werewolf investigation in history, brimming with intrigue and war, love and betrayal, and long-kept vendettas.

It’s 1588, the height of the Reformation, and a killer is terrorizing the German countryside. There are reports that the legendary Werewolf of Bedburg has returned to a once-peaceful land. Heinrich Franz, a cold and calculating investigator, is tasked with finding whomever — or whatever — the killer might be. He’ll need all the help he can get, including that of a strange hunter who’s recently stumbled into town. Though they’re after the same thing, their reasons are worlds apart. And through it all, a priest tries to keep the peace among his frightened townsfolk, while a young woman threatens his most basic beliefs.

In a time when life is cheap and secrets run rampant, these four divergent souls find themselves entwined in a treacherous mystery, navigating the volatile political and religious landscape of 16th century Germany, fighting to keep their sanity — and their lives.



Apparition Lake

by Doug Lamoreux and Daniel D. Lamoreux


Genre: Horror/Mystery

My Review

Mother Nature strikes back, unleashing a man killing grizzly on the unsuspecting people who venture into Yellowstone National Park. Glenn Merrill, Chief Park Ranger, vows to catch and stop the rogue bear. but more people die and signs point to something else, something mystical, that stretches the ranger’s beliefs. It may take more than bullets to stop the bear, and it might just be coming after Glenn.

The cover for this book fits the story perfectly. And that bear is terrifying. I can’t think of many things more terrifying to be eaten by except maybe a shark.

I enjoyed the Indian mysticism aspect of the book. Their connection to Mother Earth is deeply ingrained in their beliefs and it sure lends to the mystery, which I found fascinating.

I expected this to be a bit gory and would have been disappointed if it wasn’t. It’s also oozing with creepy atmosphere. I liken it to walking down a dimly lit empty street, shrouded by moist fog. What lurks in the shadows. I couldn’t wait to see what happened next and also worried about what would happen next.

The characters read genuine, flaws and all, and the bear is something else. Loved this book and it would be such a great movie.

Anyone who loves a good mystery with bits of horror will enjoy this one. I recommend you give it a read.

5 Stars



Something is terribly wrong in the nation’s oldest national park.

Horrific deaths have occurred throughout Yellowstone and everyone believes that a monstrous grizzly bear is on a rampage. Scientific evidence suggests another terrifying conclusion. For Chief Ranger Glenn Merrill, putting an end to the mysterious deaths is more than just his job, it is a mission that will take him to the brink of death and shatter the foundation of his beliefs.

Apparition Lake plunges Glenn, his full-blooded Shoshone friend Johnny Two Ravens, and Jennifer Davies, an aggressive young biologist, into a world of Indian mysticism where mankind and nature struggle for control of Mother Earth. Apparition Lake races through its supernatural tale of an environment that has “had enough” and the Native American spirit it uses to mete out its revenge.



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  1. I’m liking the sound of the psych bear! Might need to add this to wishlist…

  2. That bear one would probably scare me too much. We have bears that wander around our suburbia. I saw a mom and three cubs a few feet from my window.

  3. Werewolves and grizzlies–what’s not to like? :-)

  4. Look creepy good. You always find some good spook stories.
    sherry @ fundinmental

  5. Drangonfly says:

    I love books that read like a movie! I think it’s so hard t write that way. Kudos to Barclay! I’m adding this one to GR!