The Blue Unicorn’s Journey To Osm ~ Review and Giveaway

Posted: August 7, 2017 in Children's books, Fantasy, giveaways, YA
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The Blue Unicorn’s Journey To Osm

by Sybrina Durant

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GENRE: Teen Fantasy Book

My Review

Having such a love for the wonder of unicorns it was an easy choice to read this book. Magical unicorns with metal horns. All shapes and sizes. And one unicorn, Blue, who has no magic, but is supposed to be the savior for the tribe. Sounds like a grand adventure to me.

And it was. Filled with lots of beautiful illustrations portraying many of the fantastical beings that roam these lands, it kept me enthralled. However, it had some dark moments that caught me by surprise. Going in thinking this was for younger readers, some scenes of death and danger now have me thinking this would better fit older teens and young adults.

This well written fantasy has plenty of intriguing characters and plenty of action, with some doses of peril that will keep you reading and crossing your fingers for a happy ending. I sure enjoyed it and would love to read more about Blue, his friends, and this magical world.

4 Stars



The book is about a little blue unicorn who was born into a magical metal-horned tribe of unicorns.  He is expected to save the tribe from the evil sorcerer, Magh but how will he be able to do that with no metal and no magic?  Read the book to find out how a plain blue unicorn comes of age with the help of a brave stag and a loyal firebird.  The book is meant for teen readers and anyone else who love unicorn stories with lots of pictures.



“Why, would you take off alone, Ghel?” Alumna asked. “You know how dangerous it is out there.  You were almost a manticore’s dinner.”

It was obvious Alumna was angry.  She tried to control her voice but it came out in sharp, short tones.

 “Or worse,” Lauda exclaimed, “you might have been captured by Magh’s minions and had your hooves and horn taken.”  The hide on her back rippled fearfully.

Ghel shuddered, too.  She had thought she was doomed when she first saw the manticore.  She would have been if Nix had not arrived in the nick of time to save her.

All the other unicorns put on brave faces but the thought scared them, also.

The seriousness of their situation was fully revealed when Alumna said, “The entire tribe is going to have to make a journey all the way across MarBryn to Muzika Woods.”

She showed them the map which she had wanted to show the entire tribe at the same time.  Unfortunately, Blue never saw it.  Even with the map, there was no way to know which direction he had taken.

“All he knows is that he is supposed to get to Muzika Woods,” Alumna said sadly.  “The Numen told me Blue’s destiny is to ensure the safety of our tribe. He said it is time for Blue to join with the Moon-Star.”

No one tried to hide the shock they felt.  They all spoke at once: “Join with the Moon-Star?”

“Corn feathers! Is he gonna sprout wings to do this trick?” Lauda exploded.    “The Moon-Star’s in the sky and Blue sure as heck can’t fly.”

They all thought it sounded like nonsense. Unicorns cannot fly.



blue unicorn author

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  9. Hi Everyone: Thanks for the opportunity to be on this tour and also for all of the nice comments. Yes, as the blurb notes, this book is definitely for teens and older readers. I always loved illustrated books and wanted to create one for older readers to enjoy. Why let little kid have all the fun? If anyone has any questions for me, I’ll be happy to answer. :)

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I go into a book trying not to know too much about it so its fresh and exciting. The whimsical cover had me thinking a children’s book. A pleasant surprise to find it was a bit deeper reading:) Your story was a grand adventure and after a while I forgot the characters were unicorns and identified with them as humans. Made for an even richer experience. Great fantasy!
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