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Posted: December 26, 2017 in Creatures, horror, reviews, Vampires
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I couldn’t resist the synopsis for Thea. Always looking for more vampire horror. And I’d read some of Eric’s Bigfoot Wars books so it was a no-brainer to read his very short story The Night Of The Beasts.



A Vampire Story

by Steven Jenkins



Genre: Horror

My Review

Thea is a sad and sordid story of a mother’s obsession with saving her daughter. After losing her first one to drugs, her drunken focus is on keeping her remaining daughter safe, at any cost.

I can’t say one good thing about Thea’s mother. Poor Thea. And soon enough, poor mother.

Even though I suspected where this was going to go, it was still well worth the read. Especially as I enjoy a dark, twisty vampire story.

4 Stars



How far would you go to protect your child?

Vampires are real – hidden among us, concealing their lust for human blood. But monsters come in many forms. Teenage boys, drug addiction, underage sex – single mother Sarah battles to keep these demons from her daughters.

As the long nights of worry start to feed Sarah’s paranoia, she must take desperate measures to save her family.

Although sometimes, the only way to kill a monster…

…is to become one.


Thea is free right now. Click on the cover or the link above to grab a copy.


The Night Of The Beasts

by Eric S. Brown

The Night of the Beasts by [Brown, Eric S. ]


Genre: Horror / Short Story

My Review

The author once again provides bloody sasquatch mayhem with The Night Of The Beasts, a very brief account that occurs over one night during the Bigfoot Wars.

For folks who prefer their beasts to be true villains with nothing on their minds but ripping humans into little bitty bits, this won’t disappoint. But don’t get attached to the character’s. They’re not at the top of the food chain anymore. As one man soon learns when the hospital where he works comes under attack.

I swear, I held my breath through most of this. It started so calmly and bulldozed into carnage. Wicked fun. And bravo for the killer cover art. Take a close look at it.

4 Stars



Eric S Brown, author of the highly praised Bigfoot War trilogy, brings you this exclusive story which takes place inside the world of Bigfoot War II: Dead in the Woods. Night of the Beasts is an apocalyptic tale that mixes a zombie pandemic with a brand new take on the Sasquatch mythos. It tells the story of one hospital’s fate on the night the world as we know it ends and the beasts emerge from the woods to feast on human flesh



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  1. They sound like interesting reads. :)

  2. I’m pretty sure I have a copy of Thea on my Kindle somewhere and now I really want to check it out!

  3. Wattle says:

    I quite like the sound of Thea, might have to check that one out for myself! :)

  4. Oh yeah. I love squatches and vamps. :-)

  5. I think I have Thea as an ebook. I will have to look. ☺

  6. I’ve read the Bigfoot one and I have Thea on my ereader. I liked the first Burn The Dead book by the same author…good zombie fun!