Pets and the zombie apocalypse ~ The Book Of Riley ~ Saturday Screams #47

Posted: February 10, 2018 in audible, horror, reviews, Zombies
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Welcome to my Saturday Screams where I share books that, well, make you scream!

Today I’m back with zombies and quite a different viewpoint about the apocalypse. I’ll be reviewing several books in this fun series. And great news! The first book is free on Amazon. Click HERE or on the cover to grab your eBook copy!


My Review

It was a dark and stormy night. Well, actually it was a quiet night. Riley was grousing about Ben-Ben’s piddle on the floor and the Yorkie’s constant whining about something outside. The quiet night soon turns violent when the dogs realize the humans pounding on the door wanting in are zombies.

Riley is a female American Bulldog . Solid in build and loyal to the family. Once she figures out what’s going down she dons her defense mode and goes to work. The pack, human and four-legged, must be protected.

But the zombies won’t be denied their meal and soon bust into the house. The man and Riley put up a valiant fight but the zombies have the numbers and those left of the pack that make it out of the house alive soon realize that they may have won the fight but its only the beginning.

Ben-Ben is just what you’d expect a Yorkie to be like. All nervous energy. He has these spontaneous bowel releases whenever he’s overexcited or scared. Which is often and hilarious.

The cat, Patches, is all cat. A superior attitude and thinks about herself first. She looks down her whiskers at the dogs and humans but knows as a group they stand a better chance of surviving. Zombies don’t discriminate in their munching. Animals go down just as easy as humans.

Two dogs, a cat, a young girl and an infant. All that’s left of the pack. Will they learn to work together? What does the future hold for them? I couldn’t wait to read further.

There’s plenty of zombie action. Bloody bits flying everywhere. As much as it was gory, it was also funny at times. The story is mostly meat, very little fluff, so the action is fast and furious. This works really well as you’re getting this story from Riley’s point of view. And there’s an ending, of a sort. This is one of four stories about Riley and her pack. I’m already listening to the second one and its proving to be every bit as fun.

  4  Stars

 Read by Sean Runnette

Sean did a bang up job of telling Riley’s story. His inflection was good and I enjoyed listening to him switch from dog, to sarcastic cat, and back again. Glad he’s continuing to read this series.


Thanks so much to Tantor Audio and the author for the complimentary copy.

My review is voluntarily given.



When the zombie apocalypse strikes without warning one dog will hold the fate of her pack in her paws. This is the story of Riley, an American bulldog. Follow along as she tries to keep her pack safe from a zombie apocalypse. Traveling with her are Ben-Ben the high strung Yorkie, her favorite two-legger Jessie, Jessie’s younger brother Zachary, and Riley’s arch enemy Patches the cat. They are a rag-tag group of survivors, who, when pushed to the limit, realize that they are all each other has.

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  1. I tried this author a while back but he wasn’t too my taste sadly. Sounds like you enjoyed it though!

  2. Daniela Ark says:

    omg how a precious loyal and brave little thing Riley is! No one messes with her and her pack huh?

  3. Sweet…or not. lol Love it and I have the book. Great review.

  4. Sounds cool for a zombie books. :)

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I know. I’m having fun reading from Riley’s point of view. Got a couple more books like this I’m planning to read too.

  5. Lilyn G says:

    I’ve been seeing this pop up a bit lately. Thinking I might actually have to check it out!

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