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Welcome to my tour stop for the Zimmah Chronicles by Scott King! This is a middle grade fantasy series. The tour runs December 1-11with reviews, interviews, guest posts and excerpts.
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CvsB New CoverCupcakes vs. Brownies

Zimmah the djinn isn’t evil. He simply thinks the world would be more fun if everything was made of desserts. So when ten-year-old Karim Jacobs makes a wish to fix his parent’s marriage it’s not Zimmah’s fault that he twists the wish. He couldn’t help himself. Candypunk airships and cupcake castles are cool!Of course Karim isn’t happy about his wish going astray, specially when running into fantastical creatures like gummy-grizzly-bears and rock candy beasts; and although he desperately wants to go home, he finds himself in the middle of a war between the Cupcake Kingdom and Brownie Kingdom. With his parents lives in danger, its up to him to stop Zimmah and restore the world to normal.



Enjoy this glimpse inside

“That won’t do,” he said. The man snapped his fingers. From nowhere an alabaster double-breasted suit with a fiery red tie materialized on his body.

“What are you?” Karim asked.

“I am Zimmah, a djinn.”

“I don’t know what a djinn is.”

“Djinn are what the legends of genies are based on.”

“You’re a genie?” Karim’s eyes widened.

“No, djinn.”

“Does that mean I get three wishes?”

“No,” Zimmah said. “As a djinn, I don’t have to grant any wishes if I don’t want to. Besides, I can read you like a book. You are boring.”

“I am not boring!”

“Would you wish for women, money, fame, or power?”

“Ewww, no.” Karim’s face squished as if he had eaten peas. “Why would I want any of that?”

“See, boring.” Zimmah crouched down, bringing his pointy nose directly in line with Karim’s. “You ooze with honesty and goodness. Why would I give someone like you a wish?”

Karim didn’t know why Zimmah should give him a wish. He didn’t see himself as being a special person. He hadn’t achieved great things in life. He was an ordinary ten-year-old boy, but he wasn’t going to let that get in the way. If the would-be genie wanted a show, then he would give him a show.

Reaching into the mist that surrounded them, Karim’s fingers found the cherry-wood bar. In one fell swoop he swished his arm across it, knocking dozens of antique bottles onto the floor. Not a single bottle broke. Clanging and rattling, they rolled in different directions. “Is that boring?”

“Yes,” Zimmah said. “If that’s the most exciting you can be, I pity you.”

“Then maybe I should be a charity case?” Karim asked. “You can do this pro bono, like when a lawyer helps out someone who can’t afford them. That is, if you can actually grant wishes.”

“Try me.”

“Okay, I wish my dog Lion was a real lion.” Karim ruffled the fur at the back of Lion’s neck. “No, not a real lion, but a snow lion!”

“That makes no sense,” Zimmah said. “There is no such thing as a snow lion.”

“Then that proves my point. You can’t grant wishes.”

Zimmah snapped.

A gargantuan male lion sat in Lion’s place. His fur was as white as snow, and a burly black mane clung to his neck. Three times larger than what he used to be, his back was eye level with Karim, and his paws alone were bigger than Karim’s head.

Turning, Lion opened his mouth revealing razor sharp teeth, as if to swallow Karim. Extending his tongue, Lion licked Karim across the face. It wasn’t the wet soggy kiss of a dog. It was as rough as sandpaper.

“Holy moley.” Karim’s mouth gaped. “You’re a real-life genie!”

“Djinn. I’m a djinn.”

“This is so awesome.”

“Yes, I am very impressive.”


MvsU Cover AmazonMermaids vs. Unicorns

Zimmah the wicked djinn thought he was so smart. He thought nothing could stop him, let alone a mere child. That was until he met Whitney, a devilish girl who used his own powers against him.A wish gone wrong sends Zimmah, Whitney, and Karim to The Otherworld, a magical land where Mermaids and Unicorns are caught in an epic war. All Whitney wants is to save her sick mother, all Karim wants is to get home, and all Zimmah wants is revenge on the children who have tricked him.

Amazon | Goodreads | iTunes | Kobo***

GvsD Cover ebook coverGenie vs. Djinn
The chaotic magic of hundreds of djinn are destroying San Francisco. Dinosaurs. Butterfly volcanos. Buildings made of jello– If someone can wish it, it’s happening. Unable to access his own powers, Zimmah the former djinn, must rely on Karim and Whitney’s help.
Standing in their way is Alkema, Zimmah’s murderous father, an almost omnipotent ifrit who enjoys watching the suffering of others. If not stopped he will not only destroy the city, but plunge the entire world into total madness.
Scott KingAbout the Author:
Scott King is a writer and photographer. He was born in Washington D.C. and raised in Ocean City, Maryland. He received his undergraduate degree in film from Towson University, and his M.F.A. in film from American University.
“DAD! A Documentary Graphic Novel,” King’s first book was published in Fall ’09. He is also the creator and writer of “Holiday Wars” and he is known for his board game photography, specifically his annual calendar that highlights tabletop and hobby games.
$25 Amazon gift card (INT)
Ends December 16th
Prizing is provided by the author, must be 13 or older to enter and have parental permission if under 17. Void where prohibited by law.

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