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This is a Tag Team Event hosted by myself and Sherry.

 I have some exciting news to share with you about The Lie by Ashley Fontainne.  Did you know production for the movie is complete!  It’s titled Foreseen. To check this out on Facebook, click on the widget below.

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Read on to learn how you can win some books!

After reading my review, head on over to Sherry’s blog at fundinmental for more and check out her review. Two chances to win!


The Lie

by Ashley Fontainne



My Review

After feinting on national television during an interview, famous author Karmen Moncrille flees her public embarrassment. Along with her best friend, she retreats to the family cabin, isolated in the woods outside of her home town.

The television host wasn’t supposed to ask her about where she gets her inspiration. That’s a question even Karmen isn’t sure of. As her dreams bleed over into real life, Karmen fears she’s losing her mind.

Karmen writes one more book. One that terrifies her. Will it save her or destroy her?

I enjoy reading stories about writers. Always find it fascinating to read about their struggles to write that bestseller, to get over writer’s block, deal with the trials of getting it published. With The Lie, I enjoyed the supernatural elements of Karmen’s writing process. Learning how she gets her inspiration and how she writes her stories is an integral part of the plot.

The eerie supernatural events start and escalate once Karmen arrives at the cabin. Weird noises, a strange light in the woods, and manifestations from Karmen’s dreams lend an aura of suspense and horror that stays with you until the end.

As answers were revealed and events unfolded, I realized how perfect the title, The Lie, was for this book. Betrayal occurred from unexpected sources and shocked this reader.

Strong writing, an eerie plot, and an explosive ending have me hoping the author will continue Karmen’s story.

5 Stars



Karmen Moncrille’s name has been known throughout the world since the age of sixteen when her first book shot to the top of the bestseller’s list. Now everything she writes is an instant hit, and her legions of devoted fans eagerly await her next release.

The mysterious Karmen always blamed debilitating panic attacks as the reason she avoided publicity and has become a recluse. Which is exactly what she wants the world to think. Only Karmen knows the truth behind her introverted nature. Terrified of being asked where her ideas come from, she fears being branded a raving lunatic.

Now just a week before her twenty-third birthday, Karmen’s world implodes. The madness that haunts her dreams spills over to her reality and she questions her sanity. Suddenly everything has changed and now the world will transform with her. Her last book will unleash the truth and alter mankind—forever.

Is Karmen’s ability to write a gift or a curse? She’s about to find out if her entire life is a lie. And why she was destined to write it.



Author Ashley Fontainne

Award-winning and International bestselling author Ashley Fontainne is an avid reader of mostly the classics. Ashley became a fan of the written word in her youth, starting with the Nancy Drew mystery series. Stories that immerse the reader deep into the human psyche and the monsters that lurk within us are her favorite reads.

Her muse for penning the Eviscerating the Snake series was The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. Ashley’s love for this book is what sparked her desire to write her debut novel, Accountable to None, the first book in the trilogy. With a modern setting to the tale, Ashley delves into just what lengths a person is willing to go when they seek personal justice for heinous acts perpetrated upon them. The second novel in the series, Zero Balance. focuses on the cost and reciprocal cycle that obtaining revenge has on the seeker. For once the cycle starts, where does it end? How far will the tendrils of revenge expand? Adjusting Journal Entries answered that question: far and wide.

Her short thriller entitled Number Seventy-Five, touches upon the sometimes dangerous world of online dating. Number Seventy-Five took home the BRONZE medal in fiction/suspense at the 2013 Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards contest and is currently in production for a feature film.

Her paranormal thriller entitled The Lie, won the GOLD medal in the 2013 Illumination Book Awards for fiction/suspense and is also in production for a feature film entitled Foreseen.

Ashley’s decided to delve into the paranormal with a Southern Gothic horror/suspense novel, Growl, which released in January of 2015. The suspenseful mystery Empty Shell, released in September of 2014. Ashley will be teaming up with Lillian Hansen (Ashley calls her mom!) to pen a three-part murder mystery/suspense series entitled The Magnolia Series. The first book, Blood Ties, released the Summer of 2015.

Whispered Pain released in October of 2015 and Night Court released December 13, 2015.


Author Website

Foreseen Movie Website – See the trailer

Number Seventy-Five Movie Website



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Ashley Fontainne has a fantastic giveaway for you! Multiple books and two chances to win ebooks or audiobooks, your choice. We will have 3 (three) winners on each blog. Check out this list of books for the winners!
Blood Ties
The Lie
Number Seventy-Five
Night Court
Whispered Pain
Tainted Cure
All you need to do to enter is answer the question below and leave your email so I may contact you if you win.
“Do you like to read the book before you see the movie?”
For a second look and another chance to win, go to Sherry @ Fundinmental.

Giveaway will run from 3/1/6 – 3/11/16.

This is a Tag Team Event hosted by myself and Sherry at fundinmental.

Now hop on over to fundinmental, check out Sherry’s review, and enter for another chance to win  HERE.


Books by Ashley Fontainne

Download your FREE copy of the International Bestseller, Accountable to None, at the following sites:


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  1. I do prefer to read the book first. Movies can only convey just so much.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I know. With the book, you get their thoughts and motives, which can’t be conveyed as well in the movie. Makes the movie more fun when you know that.

  2. I have some of her books and I know you seem to like them so I really should give one a try. :)

  3. kim amundsen says:

    I rather read the book, then see the movie.

    • fuonlyknew says:

      Me too. I’ve even not went and seen a movie at the theatre because I hadn’t finished the book yet. LOL

  4. I would always rather read the book than see the movie. Don’t know why it is easier for me to escape into a book. Great review…I’ll be back. :-)

    sherry @ fundinmental

    • fuonlyknew says:

      Me too, Sherry. You get so much more insight into the characters and why they do what they do. Plus. my imagination can run wild. LOL

  5. Mary Preston says:

    Yes, I always read the book first, but with something like LOTR I will read it again afterwards too.


  6. Of course! How else will I badger my movie-mate with how the movie got it wrong? Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. slinkydennis says:

    I prefer to watch the movie first as the book goes into much more detail and I’m generally disappointed in a movie AFTER I’ve read the book first. Now, when I watch the movie and then read the book, I generally love both!. :) Thanks for the chance to win! slinkydennis@yahoo.com

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I see where that can work. Especially as the movie is usually changed from the original book.

  8. I prefer reading over movies. However, I’ve read a lot of books after seeing the movie. I prefer books first, because they are the author’s’ vision of the story. Hollywood too often changes things drastically to suit their agenda.

  9. I don’t really know. I read The Hunger Games first and was disappointed in the movie. I saw the other movies without reading the books and really enjoyed them – but I haven’t yet read the books either! I loved The Joy Luck book, then I saw the movie and loved that even more! I don’t think there is any set rule.

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I loved The Hunger Games books and enjoyed the movies. It’s not often I see the movie before the book because I want to know the characters before seeing them in action.

  10. I’ve been a movie fan longer, but it really depends on the book. I love, love, love the Harry Potter series but I might not have read the books if I didn’t enjoy the first two movies so much. I thought Harry Potter was for kids. Stupid me.

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I watched Harry Potter and then started reading the books. Still got three to go.

  11. Emma says:

    I love eerie tales. And there is something about reading books about writers.
    Oh, and nothing can ever come of a cabin in the woods!

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I like reading about writers to. In this case, I’d hope to not get my inspiration where she did! And nope, nothing good comes from a cabin in the woods.

  12. Emma says:

    Nothing good!!

  13. I would prefer to read the book if I can before seeing the movie, but if I can’t I don’t freak out about it.. LOL – thanks for the giveaway! This book sounds amazing! When I read that the main character wonders if she’s going crazy I could relate – I feel I MUST read this book now!! And I have never heard of Ashley Fontainne before!! New author! Excited! My email is jslater7536@gmail.com

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I don’t go see a lot of movies with On Demand and Netflix now. But I do try to read the book first. But, like you, I don’t sweat it. LOL I loved the idea of reading about an author in this book too:)

  14. I always read the book before seeing the movie/show! Then I get upset when the character aren’t as I pictured them! Lol.

  15. Cal Pearson says:

    I generally prefer to read the book before seeing the film. Rarely do the charcters in the films coincide with how saw them in the book.

  16. Beth Lillis says:

    Always like to read the book first. There is so much more going on in a book that a movie can’t show. So much more in my minds eye

    • fuonlyknew says:

      Mine too, Beth. I focus on background events while watching the movie also. So much going on that you might miss by just focusing on a character in a scene.

  17. Iris Pross says:

    I always read the books first. I love movies, but there are so many things that are often cut out when making a movie due to time constraints or rating issues. Plus reading the book is like hearing it directly from the author as opposed to having it filtered through a screenwriter, director, producer, editors, and the actors putting their own inflection on it. Besides, books are better

  18. Donna Gott says:

    I would rather read the book first, I already know that do to production they are not going to have all the details of the book in the movie and I would like to have that background before I watch the movie. I wouldn’t watch the movie if I had not liked the book in the first place. It is really a catch 22, do you or not.. LOL

    • fuonlyknew says:

      Me too. And if I don’t like the book, I don’t go to the theatre to watch the movie. Might watch it when it comes out on TV or Netflix though, just because I’m curious:)

  19. babyblue7299 says:

    I will definitely take reading the book first and then watching the movie…I love feeling like I am back in the book…until the movie goes wonky and then, I like the mental game of filling in the blanks the movie leaves…my poor husband…;)

  20. I almost always read the book before seeing the movie, though I always see them as two separate entities rather than expecting them to be the same.

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I see them separately sometimes. Or I try to. That way I’m not so upset at how different some of them are.

  21. Bobbi Kinion says:

    Do you like to read the book before you see the movie? Yes, the books gives you so much more than any movie ever can.

  22. Love to read the book before the movie comes out…but I do compare them…

  23. Pamela Morton says:

    yes would rather read the book first