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I very much enjoyed this series and am thrilled to share it with you.

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Title: Storm of Arranon
Author: R. E. Sheahan
Publisher: Rule of Three Press
Pages: 300
Genre: YA Science Fiction/Fantasy



My Review

The story takes place in the future. The daughter of a famous general, Erynn is in training to be an interceptor fighter pilot. A sudden betrayal reveals an alien species has infiltrated the government at its highest levels. They want to harvest the planets of Korin and Arranon for their resources, which means total annihilation. With betrayal everywhere Erynn and her friends are not sure who to trust anymore.

Forced to flee Korin and seek safety on Arranon, Erynn learns about the mystery of her origins and her ability of Prophesy. She begins to understand her connection to the planet. A secret forced upon her since childhood may hold the key to saving both planet if only she can unlock it in time.

What an adventure! It is fantasy and science fiction all rolled up in one.

I really enjoyed reading Storm of Arranon. All of the characters are well-developed and understandable and the world building is almost visual without being too complicated and overshadowing the plot.

Erynn’s connection to the animals on Arranon was fun to read. I kept trying to envision what a Capora looked like – maybe a cross between a yak and a horse? And the Maejen, maybe a giant species of timber wolf?

R.E. Sheahan does a superb job of world building. She shows you the planets, their inhabitants and their cities, revealing an earnest desire for you to easily understand and enter these worlds.

If you have seen Avatar and remember how the flora and fauna all glowed with iridescent,brilliant colors, that is how I picture the Anim Blath.

They are alive, sentient, and they speak to Erynn, sing to her. Like the living voice of Arranon.

There is a budding romance between Jaer and Erynn, but the author kept it in its place. It was not the focal point of the plot but did add to my interest.

Storm of Arranon has magic, action, good and evil, friendship and romance, with an out of this world flavor. I think young readers and adults will enjoy this story. So well written, I was surprised that this was R.E. Sheahan’s debut novel. This story can stand alone and the ending is very satisfying. I am happy to hear there will be more. A great beginning to a series.

4 Stars



 A forbidden birth. A remarkable young woman. A marauding alien society. The battle begins.

 A brutal alien society invades Korin and Arranon, intent on destroying the two worlds that make up Cadet Erynn Yager’s home. Forced to expose her strange abilities and reveal her forbidden birth, a guarded web of secrets unravels.

Stranded on an unfamiliar planet of eternal winter and predatory wildlife, the mysterious living consciousness of Arranon intervenes, leading Erynn on a mystical journey.

Aware of Erynn’s potential, the alien enemy pursues her. She struggles to gain control of her growing powers while in a constant race to elude the invaders, and join the forces preparing to fight a mounting occupation.

Erynn’s secret may be her worlds’ only hope, but at the cost of her life. Swept up in a chain reaction of events, Erynn’s dedication extends far beyond service and duty. She learns the true meaning of sacrifice.

Along with courage and hope, Erynn finds something unexpected on her journey of awareness and growth.


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Enjoy The Excerpt

 TENDRILS OF BLUE STATIC POPPED and snapped around Lieutenant Erynn Yager’s fingers as she tapped the keypad. Black numbers and symbols streamed across the white screen of her monitor. She glanced up, checking the equation on the large overhead at the front of the cramped classroom and smiled, her answer correct.

Delicate blue currents reached out and wrapped around her hands with a faint tingling sensation. In a breath Erynn whispered, “Com avlash.” She brushed at dappled shadows that danced across the pool of sunlight at the edge of her desk, amused by the wispy blue filaments tracing her movements. They flowed like a lazy stream, trailing the path her fingertips traveled before the energy faded. As the static disappeared, she glanced around to make sure no one noticed.

No one ever had.

The buzz of winged centinents drifted in on a warm breeze through the open window next to her. She sighed and fingered the neck of her white uniform shirt, the stiff collar tight and irritating in the rising temperature.

From the front of the classroom the instructor, Major Kendal, his tan uniform meticulous, asked, “Does anyone need more time?” He scanned faces in the room. No one responded and he continued, “I trust you took into account gravitational pull, divided by trajectory angles, while factoring in speed given mass and friction before multiplying . . ..”

Erynn tried to listen, but his incessant droning soon matched the hum from outside.

Static crackled, and the air thickened with a sinking heaviness. The temperature plunged to an icy cold, chilling her moist skin. A sweet, spicy aroma replaced the electronic scent of computers and sour sweat of bodies pressed into a tight space for too long. She glanced out the window and frowned. What

Broad yellow, orange, and red leaves trembled in the breeze. Brown stone buildings melded with the blue sky and manicured green lawns. The colors ran, blurred, and morphed into dark oily shapes with faint outlines of long arms and legs. She stiffened and squeezed her eyes shut. Images played in her mind like a silent vid in fast-forward.

Flash—a brilliant jeweled city nestled in a deep green forest. Flash—majestic spires of trees surrounding a clearing, the woods tossed in a violent windstorm. Flash—mountain peaks covered by snow and ice.

More impressions swirled and sped by, eclipsing her thoughts, taking control.

Bright pinpoints of red and orange exploded, swarming under her closed lids. The high-pitched sound of a hundred musical instruments in discord screamed in her mind. The syrupy aroma intensified. She caught two words through the cacophony—a plea, and a warning.

“Cadjoo. Mabrath.”

Her chest constricted, unable to expand.

Help. Death.

The meaning of these two words, in a language she’d made up as a child, took her breath. She pushed recognition away, refusing the insistent vision that pried at the corners of her mind seeking purchase.


The word slithered across her nerves like a dry whisper.

Heart thudding, her lids flew open. At the periphery of her vision, the sparkling colors blinked out, and the heavy atmosphere in the room lifted. Erynn’s ears popped and the shrieking voices died, sudden quiet making her believe the shrill proclamation left her deaf. She jumped up, chair legs screeching backward on polished tile as the desk banged into the seat in front of her. “No!” Her shout rang out in the small, quiet room.

Floor heaving like rolling waves, she leaned against the desk on unsteady legs. Startled students in her weapons-and-tactics class stared at her, most of them shaking their heads and smirking. Ridicule and resentment came as a barrage of stinging barbs digging under her skin. Concentrated emotions of pity, anger, concern, scorn, disgust and envy bombarded against her attempt to focus, to gain control.

In a practiced technique, Erynn envisioned a wide tunnel of white brightness spiraling into a tiny point of light. This method narrowed her exposure to the emotions of others. The reactions assailing her all but disappeared. She hissed quick breaths through clamped teeth and the nauseating sensation of motion stopped.


Author R.E. Sheahan


I have always been a reader. I love books. When I’m not able to read, I listen to audio books. I started writing while working as a Paramedic/Firefighter in Northern California. Trust me, it’s not like it appears on TV. There was plenty of time for books, mostly reading them. I didn’t seriously start writing until I moved to my ranch in Oregon. While waiting for lambs to be born in the middle of the night, I would head back to the house for an hour or two and sit down at the computer. Before I knew it, I had a manuscript. Not a good one, but a start.I joined critique groups and attended writer’s conferences. I was on the fast track to learning.

In 2013, I received an honorable mention in Writer’s Digest’s Self Published book awards for MG/YA. I guess I am learning something!

Ideas from dreams follow me into warm sunny days or the quiet of falling snow. “What ifs” feed a vivid imagination. Even mistyped phrases may lead to an “aha” moment. Brain storming sessions standing in windy, dark parking lots with fellow writers release thoughts that pry at the corners of my mind, grasping for purchase. Sometimes the ideas pursue me, with persistence.

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  1. I sooo need to read this. That’s great that it’s that good and it’s her debut.

    • fuonlyknew says:

      And the next two books get even better. As you already know the character’s she focuses on the action and intrigue and really builds her world.

  2. Sounds like an interesting series. That cover is a bit to busy and not sure I like it.

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I don’t normally go for busy covers either. But this one is so colorful and really reflects what’s inside. A great series:)

  3. Yeah, Stormi, I thought that too, but I keep seeing more and more the longer I look. Hey Laura, thanks for loaning me a book or two in this series. I did get a copy of the first one to review for this tour and just won a signed copy of the third. Now I need to win and get that second copy for my shelf. My only disappointment with the series is I don’t…yet…know how it ends, but I will find out!!! Congrats R on a great series! I read all three, one right after the other.
    sherry @ fundinmental

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I hope you win a copy of the second one so you can have the whole set. I’m anxious for the next book too! I love the cover. Once you read the book, you can see how well it works with the story.

    • fuonlyknew says:

      You’re most welcome, Robynn! I had to restrain myself from entering the giveaway. LOL I already have all of these books. I sure hope you’ll share more adventures with these characters.

  4. John Smith says:

    These look great!

  5. You and Sherry both enjoyed this. I love all the elements and have added this to my wishlist!

  6. Amie Gaudet says:

    Congratulations on the publication of Storm of Arranon. I love the fact that not only are you a reader but that you also listen to audiobooks. I think that if more people gave audiobooks a chance that they would fall in love with that format. I could not survive my factory job if I did not have audiobooks to listen to. They are also awesome to listen to during my commute and on long car trips.

    Thanks very much for the chance to win. If I do end up winning, I will read them and then review them on my blog at