My 2016 Reading Challenges Wrap Up

Posted: January 3, 2017 in Books, Reading Challenge, reviews
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It was a fantastic year of reading! I’ve already signed up to do some of these again and found a few ones.

Check out my challenges for 2016.

My Completed Reading Challenges for 2016

alphabet 2016

Click on the badge above to see the rules and sign up!

I had such fun with this last year, I’m going to do it again!

A.  Address To Die For

B.  Braking For Bodies

C.  Candidate For Murder

D.  The Deepest Black

E.  Eyeshine – Murder In Stoker Hills

F.  Fixin To Die

G.  Gone By Midnight

H.  The Hatching

I.  I’m With You

J.  Joshua and the Arrow Realm

K.  Kaitlin’s Tale

L.  The Lobby

M.  Memory House

N.  No Such Thing As Werewolves

O.  Over Easy

P.  The Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum

Q.  Masquerading Magician

R.  Red Dot

S.  Sweet Pepper Hero

T.  Turning Grace

U.  Undead Ultra

V.  Voodoo Child

W.  Who Walks The Night

X.  Onyx Webb

Y.  Young Adult Fiction – Killer Box Set

Z.  Mutation Z


2016 Horror Reading Challenge

I had such fun this year. I went for Horror Hound – 16- books.

And I actually read and reviewed 63. Guess you can tell I love my horror. LOL

25614709  25917235  27064300

28474289  27859739  26834189

26025580  23247491  26256391

22663629  26879947  27424783

23308727  23455114  28073909

29054983  24514143  29470917

29084518  29236766  29371271

20927079  23462671 

29541343  28149492  28524631

28780162  28800006  30058589

24929950    29494084

21199705  29235793  25738337

30362055  26845678  27217066

29595813  The History Major  30646744

stillwell  31553183  22070838

22448092  17166253  31675227

22891491  library-curse-of-the-boggin-cover  31188499

728447  Tainted Cure (The Rememdium Series Book 1) by [Fontainne, Ashley]  2973903

32758251  25867970  The Scorpio Races by [Stiefvater, Maggie]

24885765  27263225 

19238114  33295096  32605810


I found this challenge, hosted by Yvonne @ Socrates Book Reviews, on my friend Stormi’s blog @ Books, Movies, Reviews! Oh My! . Thanks Stormi! I read so many cozies that the Cruisin’ thru the Cozies Reading Challenge is definitely one for me! Click On Yvonne’s blog link for rules and to sign up.

I went with Level 3 – Super Sleuth – Read 13-20 books.
And I actually read and reviewed 23. I did it!

death goes to the county fair  25361858  28245754

Major Crimes ebook cover  COVER  Gone by Midnight - front only

  BRAKING FOR BODIES  an unhappy medium

to catch a treat  ECLAIR AND PRSENT DANGER  28146828




killer-in-the-band-cover  better-off-thread


Reading challenge banner

I also completed my Goodreads Challenge to read 125 books. I completed my challenge and actually read 210 books.

You can see all of my reviews HERE.


And I set a personal goal to read more books from my own TBR shelves.

I was able to read and review 68 books.

Here’s my list.

The Martian, Rattlesnake, Outage 1-3, The Woman In Crimson, The Grown Up, Mutation Z 1-6, The Lie, Onyx Webb 1-6, Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper 2-5, The Gleaners, Memory House, Descent, Forest Of Memory, Extinct, The Scorpio Races, Mercury retrograde, Creepy Christmas 2 books, A Hidden Element, Pandemic, Diary Of A Haunting, Witches, Tortures Of The Damned, Below, The Flip, Stillwell, The History Major, Who Walks The Night, Death Catch, Insects, Dawn Of The Spiders, Pale Rider, Allies & Enemies, The Army Of The Night., The Dead Of Winter, Every Color Of The Night, Uninvited Guests, Listen To Me Speak, Psychopathia, West Of Dead, Station 331, 332, and 333, Weird 1-3, Shallow Graves, Wally The Warm Weather Penguin, They Rise, Space Cowboys & Aliens, Chasers Of The Light, No Such Thing As Werewolves, NightShoft, The Northwoods.

This includes series reads, short stories, and children’s books spanning all genres.

I believe that comes to 68 books. The only problem is I probably added a bunch too. LOL

You can find the reviews on my Review Page HERE.


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  1. You really do love your horror don’t you Laura? Here’s to more great books, and book challenges!

  2. A few of those horror picks are on my list for this year! No such thing as Werewolves, They Rise, The Hatching. I like the sound of Voodoo Child and a few of those monster covers are appealing!

    • fuonlyknew says:

      They are some good ones. I read anything Shea writes and I’m reading the second Hatching book, Skitter, now.

  3. Great job on all your challenges. I really enjoyed the horror one too and it really got me back into reading horror a lot – it was my favorite genre as a teen. I have missed it so much. I also like cozy mysteries but that is one challenge I’ve not done. I just lump mine into the Cloak & Dagger challenge I cohost with Stormi. Nice work! No one is doing the horror challenge this year are they?

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I may join you Cloak & Dagger. Haven’t tried that one yet and I read all kinds of mysteries:)

  4. charliegirl says:

    Congrats on finishing your Alphabet Soup Challenge! I have participated for a few years and never can get all of them. I always end up with about six left over. I think next year I will join the cozies challenge. 200+ books means you WIN! I find that absolutely amazing. Good job!

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I almost didn’t make the Alphabet Soup Challenge. Then I was given the opportunity to read an ARC that filled the Y spot.

  5. Maggie says:

    I’m totally signing up for the Alphabet Soup challenge! 😀

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I hope you do. It’s for the whole year so you have plenty of time to complete it and it’s fun!

  6. Wow, awesome year of reading! And Horror Hound? I am so jealous. I hope to start doing the conventions in a few years.

    • fuonlyknew says:

      Yeah. I guess my love of horror shows. I had more but only included ones I’d reviewed also.

  7. Congrats on meeting your reading goals. Have fun with your TBR shelf. :-)
    sherry @ fundinmental

  8. You did fantastic on all your challenges! Seems like 2016 was a great reading year for you!!!