Freakin Fridays #54 ~ One Pissed Off Shark……Shark……Shark!

Posted: July 28, 2017 in Freakin Friday, horror, reviews, thriller
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Welcome to Freakin Fridays, where I share my reviews of books that scare you, thrill you, and get those endorphins pumping. In Honor of Shark Week, I’m sharing some books about the dead eyed creatures for ya.

I’ve got a few good ones to share today.


One Pissed Off Shark

by Zack Scott




Genre: Horror

My Review

This has B-movie written all over it. Young people, booze, sex, and one pissed off shark. And what’s really fun is it’s written like a screenplay, kind of. Having seen so many movies, I easily visualized the scenes and it all played out in glorious chomping and gnashing.

Sometimes it’s fun to not give a damn about the characters and just keep reading to see how they meet their bloody end. LOL There’s plenty of chum here. I was making a list and adding the character’s in the order I wanted them eaten. None have any real redeeming factors.

If you like man eating sharks and lots of silliness and characters you could care less about, this would be a fun one for ya. I read it straight through and it flew by. Some scenes made me squirm, but mostly I just grinned madly and enjoyed the show.

  3  Stars



Ray and his friends have anger issues. So does the shark hunting them.

This book is free on Amazon. You can click on the cover to grab a copy.



MEG #1

by Steve Alten




Genre: Horror / Thriller

My Review

I don’t even know how many times I’ve read this book and the rest of the series. It’s one of my go to books when I want to just relax and enjoy the story. Plus, I love anything sharks. Who doesn’t.

Jonas Taylor is one the best in deep sea submersible dives. When he’s sent down on a secret dive into the Marianna Trench, he barely makes it back alive. His claims that a Megalodon almost ended his life is met with derision by his peers and he sinks into depression. After years trying to prove he’s right and waking up screaming from freakish nightmares, Joans is compelled to once again brave the deep, and what happens next is worse than any nightmare he’s ever had.

Oh yeah, I loved this book. From the character’s, to the shark, and everything in-between, it was awesome. Steve is a wonderful storyteller and has you believing Megs do still exist. There’s much argument about that, which I won’t go into, but I choose to say, who knows? The ocean is the least explored place on our planet and new species are discovered all the time.

I myself, hope they do but, then I don’t. After reading books and seeing movies about Great White Sharks, I think they’re bad enough. For something that could use a 20 footer as a toothpick to arrive in our waters is truly terrifying.

Dive into MEG. Meet her up close and personal. Once the action starts, it’s a whole lot of gnashing and blood. If your a fan of sharks and horror, you’ll eat this up.

 5  Stars



Revised and Expanded. On a top-secret dive into the Pacific Ocean’s deepest canyon, Jonas Taylor found himself face-to-face with the largest and most ferocious predator in the history of the animal kingdom. The sole survivor of the mission, Taylor is haunted by what he’s sure he saw but still can’t prove exists – Carcharodon megalodon, the massive mother of the great white shark. The average prehistoric Meg weighs in at twenty tons and could tear apart a Tyrannosaurus rex in seconds. Taylor spends years theorizing, lecturing, and writing about the possibility that Meg still feeds at the deepest levels of the sea. But it takes an old friend in need to get him to return to the water, and a hotshot female submarine pilot to dare him back into a high-tech miniature sub. Diving deeper than he ever has before, Taylor will face terror like he’s never imagined. MEG is about to surface. When she does, nothing and no one is going to be safe, and Jonas must face his greatest fear once again.


I kept hearing this was going to be made into a movie for years. And now, it’s happening. And there is a great cast for the characters too. It’s due to release in 2018. Check out the trailer.


While this isn’t part of Steve Alten’s megalodon series, it does have prehistoric sharks in it. And a bunch of other nasty sea beasts. Loads of action and fun.


The Loch #2

by Steve Alten




Genre: Horror / Thriller

My Review


I loved Steve’s Meg series. Who wouldn’t love a prehistoric shark loose in today’s oceans. I’ve read the complete series and then moved on to The Loch. Another winner with a prehistoric creature lurking in Loch Ness.

Steve has brought two amazing characters together from these books. Marine biologist Zachary Wallace and Dr. Jonas Taylor. Both of these men have drowned and come back from meetings with giant terrors of the deep seas. Neither ever thought they would enter primal waters again, but here they go.

From the village of Drumnadrochit, Scotland,  to America, and back to Scotland to battle and defeat the beast of Loch Ness,  Zachary is now about to jump down the rabbit hole into the coldest place on earth. Antarctica. But not on the surface. He’s going two and a half miles below the ice cap to an undersea lake called Vostok.

No man has ever gone there before and Vostok has been undisturbed for over 15 million years. Here be monsters. Behemoths of unimaginable size and voracious appetite.

Imagine it if you can. Lasers burn the way, forming a narrow tube for the sub to pass through the ice cap. You break through and fall, plunging into a vast undersea lake over a thousand feet deep. A beast rises, mouth gaping wide, teeth taller than you, so huge you can’t grasp it.

When things go wrong, which they do, who do you call for help? How long will it take for them to get there, if they even can?

And what if there is another reason for sending you down there? Something ancient, powerful, non terrestrial that you have to retrieve. Big brother has their sticky fingers in this expedition. They want what’s down there. No one knows what they are up to. You get it or die trying. Sounds like a conspiracy doesn’t it?

The cast of characters is diverse and many. Some were old favorites and some were new to me. I crossed my fingers the good guys would survive, but you never know with Steve. He’s not above killing some off. And the bad guys. Some were just annoying, and some I’d drop through the tunnel myself.

By the time I reached the third part of the book, I was feeling the terror, the frustration, the courage of these characters. And then the author took the story in yet another direction. I stumbled  a bit. Partly because it was hard for me to grasp how it worked at first. And partly because I didn’t want it to go in that direction. I was dragged kicking and screaming away from my beasts. I went with it though, and soon was engrossed and into it.

Vostok is the crossover book that brings The Loch and The Meg series together for the upcoming release of Meg 5: Nightstalkers. The title alone has me imaging all types of monsters.

 I follow Steve’s newsletter and have been waiting years for his Meg book to be made into a movie. It will be coming soon and I’m sure it will be a huge hit. From there, maybe we’ll be meeting these beasties on the big screen.

Thanks so much to Steve Alten and Rebel Press for gifting me a Limited Edition Hardcover copy for my honest review.

What a strange, terrifying, spectacular ride it’s been from the first Meg book to Vostok and beyond!

5 Stars



East Antarctica: The coldest, most desolate location on Earth. Two-and-a-half miles below the ice cap is Vostok, a six thousand square mile liquid lake, over a thousand feet deep, left untouched for more than 15 million years. Now, marine biologist Zachary Wallace and two other scientists aboard a submersible tethered to a laser will journey 13,000 feet beneath the ice into this unexplored realm to discover Mesozoic life forms long believed extinct and an object of immense power responsible for the evolution of modern man.

In this sequel to The Loch and prequel to the upcoming MEG 5: Nightstalkers, New York Times best-selling author Steve Alten offers readers a crossover novel that combines characters from two of his most popular series.

Steve Alten is the New York Times and International bestselling author of fourteen novels, including the MEG series about Carcharodon Megalodon, the 70-foot, 100,000 pound prehistoric cousin of the Great White shark and Domain trilogy, a series about the Mayan Calendar s 2012 doomsday prophecy. His work has been published in over 30 countries and is being used in thousands of middle and high school curriculum as part of Adopt-An-Author, a free teen reading program, which he founded with teachers back in 1999.”



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  1. After seeing Meg on your blog previously, I tried to buy it (pb) here in the UK, but it’s not easy! I’m hoping I might one day come across it in a charity shop!

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I bought my copy in a used book store a long time ago. Keep your eyes open! I find so many books that way. Usually a less expensive way to fill in gaps in a series too.

  2. One Pissed Off Shark is my kind of thing but sadly it isn’t free on Amazon UK so maybe it will eventually come down in price and I can grab it. The second half of Meg was very entertaining, but the whole first half was way too slow and I didn’t like the Maggie side plot much. Sadly too many issues to read on in the series! Still, more sharks, more crocodile things and more sea monsters will always be worth trying!

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I had a feeling just by the title, One Pissed Off Shark, that I shouldn’t take the story too seriously. I had fun with it. I read Meg a long time ago. Knowing when a book is the first in a series, I allow for a slow beginning sometimes. Got to meet everyone. It’s always fun to see what others did and didn’t like in a book that I’ve read. We all have such different “appetites”.

  3. I have been seeing a thing for Meg for a long time too and I really need to read this authors books cause I have always meant to but haven’t. :) That first Shark book One Pissed Off Shark…I just like the title but it sounds a bit corny…lol. :)

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I loved the Meg series. His Loch Ness series is great too. That first book is definitely not one to take too seriously. Lots of chum for the shark. LOL

  4. Lelia T says:

    I LOVE Meg and other Steve Alten books but never got around to Vostok—guess it’s high time I do it 😉

  5. Drangonfly says:

    oh lord Laura! look at that SHARK!! I can’t I just can’t! LOL Vostok does sound like something I could survive 😉