My Monday Minis Reviews #65~ The Loft by Bette Lee Crosby

Posted: August 21, 2017 in Contemporary Romance, Fantasy, reviews
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Welcome to my Monday Minis Reviews where I share shorter reviews of books I’ve read.
For today I have another southern gem from Bette Lee Crosby.

The Loft

The Memory House Collection #2

by Bette Lee Crosby


Genre: Fantasy / Contemporary / Romance


My Review

I adored the fist book, Memory House, and had high hopes for this second book. And my hopes were met. I enjoyed being back with these characters and learning more about the memories in the loft.

This picks up right where the first book left off. But big changes are happening. Ophelia is moving on, making new friends and finally letting the memories go. Annie is the new keeper of those memories, but before she gets a chance to settle in, Oliver is injured in a car crash and his life hangs in the balance. Annie must find his most precious memories in order to save him.

It’s not often that you have a story pick up right where the last book left off. It sure was nice to find that happening in this one. I knew change was coming. Ophelia always planned for Annie to take her place as keeper of memories, and I wondered how that would work.

Annie and Oliver just got married and it didn’t seem feasible that all three would live at Memory House. How could the author make this work. She did so in shocking yet gentle ways. Guiding you through some traumatic events, giving you hope that things would work out for everyone.

With some other characters stepping in and out of the story, I knew this part of the journey might be coming to an end but saw fun possibilities for more adventures. One character in particular, I’d like to see more of. She has a sad past and I wonder if the author will give us her story now.

Another gem from Bette Lee Crosby and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Her stellar writing and engaging characters keeps me coming back for more.

  5 Stars




Annie only needs to find one… the one that will save Oliver’s life.

On the day of their wedding, Annie saw nothing but happiness ahead, but when an accident calls her back to Memory House, her world is changed forever. Ophelia Browne, the woman who taught Annie to find the memories in a forgotten object, is leaving the house and she’s leaving all those powerful memories behind.

After only three nights in the loft, Annie must now find the single most meaningful memory in Oliver’s mind. If she finds it in time, she can save his life, if she doesn’t…well that’s something she can’t afford to think about.

Readers will welcome back the much-loved characters from Memory House and enjoy a few new friends!



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  1. Bette Lee writes some of the best clean romance I have ever read.
    sherry @ fundinmental

  2. Lilyn G says:

    Sounds like a lovely book. Nothing wrong with a good clean romance once in a while.