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16 Millimeters

A Maizie Albright Humorous Mystery

by Larissa Reinhart

Release Date – October 17, 2017


16 Millimeters: A Maizie Albright Humorous Mystery
Cozy Mystery/Romance
2nd in Series
Past Perfect Press
Print Length: 320 pages
Kindle ASIN: B074TW9MZ8

#StillAWannabeDetective In continuing her career-makeover quest as a for-real detective, ex-teen and reality star Maizie Albright has a big learning curve to overcome. A sleuthing background starring in a TV show— Julia Pinkerton, Teen Detective—does not cut the real life mustard. It doesn’t even buy her lunch, let alone extra condiments. Her chosen mentor, Wyatt Nash of Nash Security Solutions, is not a willing teacher. He’d rather stick Maizie with a safe desk job and handle the security solution-ing himself. But Maizie’s got other plans to help Nash. First, win Nash’s trust. Second, his heart.

Wait, not his heart. His respect. His hearty respect.

So when a major movie producer needs a babysitter for his hot mess starlet, Maizie eagerly takes the job. But when her starlet appears dead, and then not dead, Maizie’s got more than an actress to watch and a missing corpse to find. Body doubles, dead bodies, and hot bodies abound when the big screen, small screen, and silent screams collide. Maizie’s on the job, on the skids, and on thin ice, hunting a killer who may be a celebrity stalker. And Maizie just might be the next celebrity who gets snuffed.

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About Author Larissa Reinhart

Larissa is a 2015 Georgia Author of the Year Best Mystery finalist, 2014 finalist for the Silver Falchion and Georgia Author of the Year, 2012 Daphne du Maurier finalist, 2012 The Emily finalist, and 2011 Dixie Kane Memorial winner. Her family and Cairn Terrier, Biscuit, have been living in Nagoya, Japan, but once again call Georgia home. See them on HGTV’s House Hunters International “Living for the Weekend in Nagoya” episode. Visit her website,, find her chatting on FacebookInstagram, and Goodreads,  or join her Facebook street team, The Mystery Minions.

Website / Offiicial Facebook Page / Instagram / Facebook / Twitter

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I’m so excited to share Kathryn’s newest release. I really enjoyed Witches and she now has Witches II: Apocalypse available for purchase. Even more awesome, you can also purchase both books in one set. I recommend you grab the dual set so you get double the fun!

Without further ado I give you Witches and Witches II by Kathryn Meyer Griffith



by Kathryn Meyer Griffith


Genre: Horror / Paranormal / Fantasy

My Review

Nothing like some witches to keep me reading into the wee hours. I should add that I’ve read many of Kathryn’s books and that always happens.

The age old battle of good vs. evil is portrayed by white magic and black magic.

Some things never change. Even for witches in present times. Amanda is still grieving over the loss of her beloved and just wants to get through each day. Living in a small town, her unusual ways raise suspicion and she’s the likely culprit for the town folks when the murders begin.

It’s Salem all over again as the town turns on Amanda, calling her a witch, shunning her, and casting the first stone.

As Amanda begins her own investigation, she stumbles into a dark and deadly plot involving dark magic and demons. Now, she’s desperate to reveal the truth before she’s outed by a posse and hung until dead.

A fun thing was the talking familiars. They came in all shapes and sizes and had very vocal opinions. It was also fun to see witches trying to hide what they were from the modern world. They all had different levels of power and couldn’t just twitch their noses and appear somewhere. Even witches had to use cell phones and airplanes.

I thought it worked really well for the story when the author took her story back in time to the witch trials. The contrasts and similarities of life as a witch was intriguing and kept the story moving quickly.

I thought I knew how this would end and worried that it wouldn’t work. That it would be awkward and rushed. Not so. I give kudos to Kathryn for surprising me and pulling it off.

  5  Stars



Witches II: Apocalypse

by Kathryn Meyer Griffith

kathryn WitchesII_Apocalypse_Kindle

Look for my review later this month.

It’s a feature in my 31 Days Of Thrills And Chills and I can’t wait to share with you!



 Witches plus bonus Witches II: Apocalypse

By Kathryn Meyer Griffith

kathryn WitchesII_Apocalypse_Bonus_Kindle

Blurb of double book:

Two Witch books in one:


There are witches in the world…some are good and some of them are downright evil.

Amanda Givens is careful how she uses her benevolent powers. She doesn’t want the people of Canaan, Connecticut to know they have a witch among them…even a good white witch. For years, she’s lived quietly in a remote cabin with Amadeus, her quirky feline familiar. At first with her husband, Jake, the love of her life, until a car accident; but now alone after his death. But when she’s wrongly blamed for a rash of ritualistic murders committed by a satanic cult, she knows she can no longer hide. She’s the one the cult is after and she is the only one who can stop them and prove her innocence. Yet as punishment for fighting and destroying the cult, she’s drawn back in time by the ghost of the dark witch, Rachel Coxe, who was drowned for practicing black magic in the 17th century. Now, as Amanda tries to rehabilitate Rachel’s reputation in an effort to save lives, as well as her own, and falls in love all over again with Joshua, her reincarnated dead husband from the future, she has to rely on a sister’s love and magical knowledge, and a powerful sect of witches named the Guardians, to help her get home safely. ***

Witches II: Apocalypse:

The long-awaited sequel to my 1993 best-selling paperback novel Witches is finally HERE! Yes, witches exist…the good and the bad ones…and one day the two ancient adversaries of good and evil will join the fight for control of the world. Amanda has been told her ten year old witch-child, Lizzy, is fated to someday become one of the planet’s most powerful witches. If she lives. If the world survives. Because the world is being threatened by an anti-Christ called Reuben who is prophesied to bring the end of the world by destroying everyone and everything good–including the white witches and warlocks of the world–unless he can be stopped. The Guardians, a secret society of those white wiccans who protect others of their kind and the world from great evil, along with the powerful good witch, Amanda Givens, and her gifted daughter, Lizzy, must battle Reuben and his demonic followers. They must somehow change the outcome of the prophesied end times, aid a possible child of God, help the earth’s people to resist the black witches, demons and the soulless, which the times have brought forth and who are trying to bring hell to earth. Good and evil will be brought together for the final battles. Will Amanda, Lizzy, and the Guardians defeat evil or will it defeat them as they fight with all their strength and powers to save the people, the lives and the world they love. Who will win?***



About the Author
Kathryn Meyer Griffith

About Kathryn Meyer Griffithlook for all my NEW covers! on my older books.

Since childhood I’ve been an artist and worked as a graphic designer in the corporate world and for newspapers for twenty-three years before I quit to write full time. But I’d already begun writing novels at 21, over forty-four years ago now, and have had twenty-three (ten romantic horror, two horror novels, two romantic SF horror, one romantic suspense, one romantic time travel, one historical romance, two thrillers, and four murder mysteries) previous novels, two novellas and twelve short stories published from Zebra Books, Leisure Books, Avalon Books, The Wild Rose Press, Damnation Books/Eternal Press; and I’ve self-published my last ten novels with Amazon Kindle Direct and my Dinosaur Lake novels and Spookie Town Mysteries (Scraps of Paper, All Things Slip Away and Ghosts Beneath Us) are my best-sellers.

I’ve been married to Russell for thirty-seven years; have a son and two grandchildren and I live in a small quaint town in Illinois, which is right across the JB Bridge from St. Louis, Mo. We have a quirky cat, Sasha, and the three of us live happily in an old house in the heart of town. Though I’ve been an artist, and a folk/classic rock singer in my youth with my brother Jim, writing has always been my greatest passion, my butterfly stage, and I’ll probably write stories until the day I die…or until my memory goes.

2012 EPIC EBOOK AWARDS *Finalist* for her horror novel The Last Vampire ~ 2014 EPIC EBOOK AWARDS * Finalist * for her thriller novel Dinosaur Lake.

*All Kathryn Meyer Griffith’s books can be found HERE.

*All her audio books HERE.

Novels and short stories from Kathryn Meyer Griffith:

Evil Stalks the Night, The Heart of the Rose, Blood Forge, Vampire Blood, The Last Vampire (2012 EPIC EBOOK AWARDS*Finalist* in their Horror category), Witches, The Nameless One short story, The Calling, Scraps of Paper (The First Spookie Town Murder Mystery), All Things Slip Away (The Second Spookie Town Murder Mystery), Ghosts Beneath Us (The Third Spookie Town Murder Mystery), Egyptian Heart, Winter’s Journey, The Ice Bridge, Don’t Look Back, Agnes, Before the End: A Time of Demons, The Woman in Crimson, Human No Longer, Four Spooky Short Stories Collection, Forever and Always Romantic Short, Night carnival Short Story, Dinosaur Lake (2014 EPIC EBOOK AWARDS*Finalist* in their Thriller/Adventure category), Dinosaur Lake II: Dinosaurs Arising and Dinosaur Lake III: Infestation

Author Links

Twitter / Blog  / Author’s Den / Facebook / Goodreads / Amazon

Smashword / Pinterest


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Welcome to my Monday Minis Reviews where I share shorter reviews of books I’ve read. Except I had such fun with this one that the review isn’t that short. LOL

Murder On Pea Pike

A Listed And Lethal Mystery #1

by Jean Harrington


Genre: Mystery


My Review

What a fun book. I like the lighter mysteries. You can say I’m addicted to them. They are the perfect fun stories when I need something lighter than the horror I usually read.

Murder On Pea Pike was a happy surprise.  As were some of the characters I met. Hands down, my favorite was Honey. After breaking up with her boyfriend she lands on her feet, getting a job with a big time realtors office. Too bad she runs into a snag. A big one. She finds not one but two dead bodies, and a cache of diamonds. This puts her on the list of suspects. Good thing the sheriff has a crush on her and she’s free to do some sleuthing. Otherwise, there’s a cell with her name on it, or worse.

Honey just stole my heart. She’s smart, plucky, and it was pure fun to walk in her shoes. As I mentioned, the sheriff has a crush on her, but she has a crush on her sexy boss. All through the book I wanted her to choose the guy I thought she should be with it. Not able to tell you how that turned out without spoiling things. It sure heightened my anticipation as I turned each page.

The mystery isn’t an easy one to solve. I had a couple of those ‘I see’ moments once the bad guy was revealed. The author did a great job of seeding clues throughout the book and disguising them so well you skim right past them with nary a clue yourself.

Loads of fun, strong writing that just flows right along and one of the most satisfying and surprising endings I’ve read in quite a while.

  5  Stars

Thanks so much to Camel Press and Jean Harrington for a complimentary copy of this book. My review is voluntarily given.



Fresh off her ex-boyfriend’s Harley and determined to remake herself, Honey Ingersoll snags a job with handsome Sam Ridley, Eureka Falls’ biggest realtor. She’s thrilled, but her troubles are far from over.
During the sale of an abandoned farmhouse, she stumbles over the body of a young woman with big hair, silver stilettos and a bullet hole in her chest. A few days later, she discovers uncut diamonds on neighboring farmland. The owner turns up dead soon after—and once again Honey finds the body.
Sheriff Matt Rameros, who’s sweet on Honey, believes the two incidents are unrelated. Honey, now a person of interest in the murders, thinks otherwise. Why else would Sam Ridley, a big Fayetteville financial concern, and a U.S. senator all have an interest in these hardscrabble properties? Honey has to find out, or she may have fled a double-wide only to end up in a jail cell. Or worse.
Book 1 in the Listed and Lethal series.



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Bear with me as this is my first time doing an unboxing. I tried doing a video but it was a disaster. LOL So I’m sharing pictures instead.

First I want to thank JKS Communications – A Literary Publicity Firm  and Author D.E. Night for offering me this exciting package for her debut novel, The Crowns Of Croswald. A fantasy adventure for middle grade readers releasing July 21st.

I was giddy to see what the box had inside and to learn more about the book. Most of you know I love reading books meant for younger reads and will be sharing my review for this book on my Kid’s Korner feature soon.

Shall we open the box?


The first thing I see…it appears to be a local newspaper, Scriven This. There are some fascinating and quirky articles. I kept expecting one of the images to move. LOL


Next is a letter addressed to the reader. Aren’t the illustrations lovely!


And the official press release telling me about the book and an interview with the author. A quote from the first page – “Releasing on July 21, 2017, The Crowns Of Croswald is the first book in a series for middle grade readers brimming with whimsy, adventure, and steampunk undertones. Croswald’s gutsy heroine is part Cinderella, part Harry Potter, part Percy Jackson, and all fun.


Ooh, the Glanagerie Bottle. It comes with a lovely card telling how this bottle is filled with charmed spring water and how to use it to make spells.


And it lights up! So pretty.

20170826_071952  20170826_072102

And now for The Crowns Of Croswald! Such a lovely cover isn’t it. It almost glows on its own.


And the back flap is gorgeous too!


I’m very excited to get started on The Crowns Of Croswald. Can’t wait to enter the author’s world and meet all of these exciting characters. Let the adventure begin!

For more about Author D.E. Night

Website / Twitter / Facebook / Instagram

And you can find The Crowns Of Croswald at these links:

Goodreads / Amazon / B&N / Kobo / iBooks

And I want to thank JKS Communications and Author D.E. Night again for this exciting adventure. Stay tuned for my review coming soon!


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Welcome to The Kid’s Korner.

I decided to do this feature as I have so many great children’s books to share. From picture books, to books for beginning readers, to middle graders, I have plenty of fun ones.

Today I’m sharing A.J. Cosmo’s new release, NUTS 2. I loved the first book and have enjoyed many others he’s written. Come make some furry friends.



Wally’s Talent

  by A.J. Cosmo




Genre: Children’s Book

Ages: 4 – 11

Grade Level: 1 – 3

My Review

It’s always fun to be back with this ‘nutty’ family of squirrels. And it looks like Wally’s in quite the pickle again.

After losing a game of nutball, Wally falls into the doldrums thinking he’ll never be good at anything. Chestnut says that everyone is special so no one is special. In an odd way that makes sense.

What will Wally’s talent be? We shall see.

I’m sure you’ve seen how spastic squirrels are. Add in the angst of youth and that’s Wally. He’s impatient and wants answers ASAP. His frustration made me smile. I could hear my mother’s voice telling me it will all work out.  I couldn’t wait to see how this tale ended.

There’s more adorable, colorful illustrations in this second book and a new lesson to be learned. I can just imagine how excited young ones will be, thinking, I get what he means. I bet you’ll get it too.

What makes me love this series so much is it fits that saying, “Learning can be fun!” It sure is.

   5  Stars



After throwing the big game, Wally struggles to figure out what he’s good at. What could that be though, and is there anything his family can do to snap him out of it?

Perfect for frustrated middle-graders, this book is all about those times when we feel like we’re no good at anything.

Recommended for second-grade readers.

My name is A.J. Cosmo and I teach imagination and heart to children. My books are crafted to educate and entertain in unique and interesting ways. Everyone has felt like he or she wasn’t talented at one point or another, especially me, so I wrote something to encourage you when you’re down.



Just in case you want to read my review of NUTS, the first book, I’m sharing it again.


  by A.J. Cosmo



Genre: Children’s Book

Ages 4– 9

Grade Level: 1 – 3

My Review

Right from the beginning this story felt so familiar. It began with Wally the squirrel and his sister and parents driving to his grandmother’s house for a family reunion. I remember playing the car games. I Spy and counting objects we passed by. And it never failed, someone always asked, “Are we there yet?”  Remember those family road trips?

The more I read, the more fun I had. If it weren’t for the colorful, fun illustrations I would have forgot this was about a family of squirrels. That’s how much I connected with them. And those illustrations. You should see the expressions on the squirrels faces. Too cute.

And the author gets quite creative with their names. There’s Wally and his sister, Pistachio. His mother, Brazil and father, Almond, Grandma Praline and Uncle Peanut. A few more relatives are introduced. Can you guess what their names might be? Every time I read their names I grinned. It’ll be fun for your kids to see how many “nuts” they recognize.

Wally thinks it’s all about the presents. Everyone exchanges names and brings a gift. He’s impatient to eat so they can start opening them. But family reunions are much more than that. Something Wally will soon learn.

I’ve read many of A.J.’s books and Nuts is one of my favorites. He includes special messages in such clever ways. If my son ever gets around to giving me grandkids, you can bet I’ll share this with them. I can almost hear the snickers and exclamations of excitement when they see the pictures and read about Wally and his family.

   5 Stars



Ever felt like your family was crazy?

All Wally wants to do is open presents, but before he can he has to endure his nutty family!

Written for siblings of autistic children, this fully-illustrated heart-warming, story teaches tolerance and understanding for everyone.



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M.E. Rhines
(Mermaid Royalty #1)
Publication date: July 31st 2017
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult


Obedience has always been a matter of survival for sixteen-year-old mermaid princess Pauline. Her mother is the tyrannical Queen Calypso, who rules the kingdom of Atargatis with an iron trident. To utter one word against her would mean banishment—or worse—so Pauline bites her tongue and minds her manners. But on the eve of her sister’s merling-shower, all of that is about to change. Confronted with the truth about what happens to the human men who are betrothed to the mermaids of Atargatis, Pauline realizes she can stay silent no more.

Determined to end the queen’s dark tradition, Pauline goes along on a search for shipwreck survivors, secretly planning to free them. But things get complicated when she finds herself inexplicably drawn to one of the men. Before she realizes what’s happening, she has kissed him—and a kiss from a mermaid is not without consequences. Now Pauline will have to risk everything if she is to save the young man and thwart the queen’s dark plans…

Goodreads / Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Kobo


Enjoy the Excerpt

My eyes widened, my heart hammering against my rib cage. A fear I didn’t understand tugged at my tailfin, like an anchor had been tied to its end. I sank against the wall of our pirated vessel and watched the chaos as it unfolded in slow motion.

Gene laughed at something my sister said just before it hit him. His smile fell in an instant as soon as the sudden deadening feeling pummeled into his chest. He dropped the plate and held out his hand. From my experience with Beaked Sea Snake, he was seeing double the fingers.

A fogginess washed over his eyes. He reached out for Fawna for just a second before his arms fell to his sides, limp and useless. Then, his human legs gave out from under him. A loud crack sounded as his knees made impact with the hard floor of the ship.

When he finally fell backward, my sister stood over his paralyzed body with a shameless, cruel smirk that gave me the chills. My mother, hovering well above me, nodded her approval with a warm, glowing pride showing on her face.

I looked around, expecting to see the same shocked expression I wore among my clan. But not one jaw was dropped. Every one of them watched with tense, excited eyes. They looked like bloodthirsty demons from where I was sitting.

“Mother,” I whispered. “What’s going on?”

She didn’t hear me.

“My Queen,” someone shouted from below. “What are your orders?”

Mother took in a long, powerful breath and shouted, “Air him out.”

I gasped, disbelief shuddering through me. “Mother,” I screamed. “Mother, you can’t!”

My protests were drowned out by the unified battle cry that erupted from every member of our clan. Angelique dropped her guitar, dashing for Gene with two other mermaids close behind.

I rushed for him, but Mother grabbed my arm with bruising fingers.

“Let me go,” I demanded.

Even through the screeching cheers below, I could hear Mother’s teeth grinding. “Don’t make a scene.”

I stilled, having every intention to stay put and comply, as usual. But then, I caught a glimpse of Gene’s face. While his muscles were tight and immobile, his eyes were filled with a conscious terror. They pleaded with me from across the ship, begging me to save him.

Before I could stop myself, I twisted my arm out of Mother’s grasp and swam to him, hoping to talk some sense into my sister before she did something terrible.

It was no use. I couldn’t reach them. They had too much of a head start. All I could do was watch as they snatched the helpless human and dragged his lifeless body up, up, and up until…

Bubbles sprayed all around them as they held Gene’s head and neck above water, but kept their own gills safely submerged. Even if he had working legs to thrash and fight with, he would be outmatched. Our tails treaded water in a way a human’s boney appendages couldn’t come close to.

He was in our world, by no choice of his own. We brought him down here against his will, and now that he was a part of it, my mother was sending him back home to die.

The gills would not disappear. They would only struggle for a short while before giving up to the heat of the land above. Gene’s chest moved in and out, in faster but shallower spurts.

I kicked my tail harder. Just as he came into my reach, he took one final gulp of air from his own world, and the movement stopped.

Mother had killed him.



Author M.E. Rhines

ME Rhines a southwest Florida native currently living in North Port with her two beautiful children and a third, much larger child whom she affectionately calls husband.
She writes young adult paranormal romance to feed her belief that fairy tales are real and
nonsense is necessary.

She also writes adult romances under her edgier alter-ego, Mary Bernsen.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter


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Welcome to Teaser Tuesday hosted by Ambrosia  @ The Purple Booker.

Anyone can play along! Just do the following:
• Grab your current read.
• Open to a random page.
•Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page
BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others!)
• Share the title & author, too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teasers!


My Teaser for this week is from

The House On Devil’s Bar

The Linn House Mysteries #1

by Jessie McAlan




Genre: Mystery

 My teaser from 54% in the eBook.

“I’m blessed with the type of personality that most everyone’s attracted to. Natural charisma.”

“I’ve noticed how mosquitoes buzz around you.”

This is some fun back and forth between Rona and her ex-husband Johnny.

I’m really enjoying this. It’s steeped on southern country living and rolls along at it’s own pace. One I easily get lost in.


Read on if you want to know more.


The police verdict of a woman’s accidental drowning in the Mississippi River does more than set tongues wagging in the small Missouri town of Klim; it starts a flood of cancellations that threaten to sink Rona Murray’s bakery and events business. And blacken her good name. Determined to save both, she starts her own investigation to prove she and her property are blameless. Barbara Lindborg had stopped by Linn House to consider renting it for a party. Yet, when Rona returned from accepting a delivery, the woman had vanished.
Rona’s preliminary search for Barbara yields nothing more than suggestive footprints on the Bar. Did the woman accidentally fall into the river? Was she pushed – and if so, why? A later hunt reveals Barbara’s cell phone in the woods. How did it get halfway up the hill if the woman drowned a hundred feet below? The phone’s camera holds snaps of Klim, its residents, and the Bar. Do any of these hold a clue to her death? Or did her and Rona’s earlier conversation about history and treasure have a different meaning?
Suspects and motives pop up like bubbles in yeast. Is Matt, an employee, still bitter about his and Barbara’s divorce? What about Rona’s own ex, Johnny? Is he trying to drive her out of business, or is his current girlfriend, Crystal, jealous of their relationship and trying to eliminate the competition by framing Rona for Barbara’s death? A bit like calling the kettle black, for Crystal seems very friendly with Frank, the bad boy neighbor. Frank isn’t lily-white, either. He dislikes Rona; is he behind the pranks on her property or mixed up in Barbara’s death? It isn’t until Rona’s life is threatened one stormy night that she learns the killer’s identity and her true feelings about Johnny.



How about you? Got a tease? Tell me!

stick out tongue photo: rr-sticking-out-tongue roadrunner-stick-out-tongue.gif


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