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When my sister told me how much she loved this book, I knew I had to read it. We don’t always enjoy the same books and even when we do, we enjoy them for such different reasons.

I’m happy to say I loved Europa: Awakenings and have a 5 Star review to share with ya’ll.

Also, the author was a good sport and answered my questions in an interview.

Come on in and check it out. You may have found your next exciting series and author to follow!

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Genre: Science Fiction / Fantasy

My Review

Are you one of those who wonders about Atlantis? Do you fantasize that it’s a thriving city hidden somewhere beneath the ocean? P. R. Garcia’s Europa: Awakenings, the first book in her epic series, gives you a fantastical world with beings from another world. The Oonocks. They hide in their city at the bottom of the sea, but also hide on dry land.

A young woman, Europa, heir to the throne of a lost country, has no idea she’s actually from another planet. Kept in the dark about her real origins, she’s raised as human to protect her and all of her kind from an ancient enemy, JeffRa.

Now, the enemy that led to their flight from their world to our ocean’s depths has found them, and will not stop until he kills them all.

There are so many characters you come to know, human and other. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be Jeanip. I know. You’re thinking, shouldn’t it be Europa? Let me explain. Jeanip has something he must overcome from his past. This keeps him focused. And he’s been tasked with protecting Europa at all costs. He’s so loyal and fierce in his duties and larger than life. I’d be glad to have him as a protector and a friend.

The romance between Europa and Terrance is so sweet. He falls head over heels for her and she for him. Neither knows she’s not of this world. When Terrance finds out, he doesn’t hesitate to put himself between her and danger. I loved how, even though he couldn’t swim, he braved the seas to save her.

Being a lover of the ocean and all it’s inhabitants, this story was a must read for me. Adding in water beings from another planet fascinated me even more. Trying to visualize these beings in my mind, I drew from movies such as The Abyss and Europa Report. Such stunningly beautiful and mystical creatures filled me head.

Danger and action fill the pages. You hardly have to time catch your breath as the characters face insurmountable odds to combat those who would destroy them.

This is one of those books I went into with high expectations. And I got everything I could have hoped for and more. I’m now driven to read more. Find out what happens to beloved characters and where the author takes me next.

5 Stars

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Your characters have to do a lot of traveling in your book, Europa. What is your favorite travel destination?  Had I answered this question a few months ago, I would have said Disney World, my used-to- be-favorite place in the world.  Now that I have moved away from California, I have to say it would be San Diego.  I miss the weather, the mountains and, most of all, the ocean and the magnificent creatures that live there.  I left a lot of good friends back in San Diego that I miss.  I just loved the whole experience of living in San Diego, especially interacting with the passengers on the whale watching boats.  That is where my heart now resides.
Where do you do most of your writing?  In the living room.  I like typing there because it’s roomy and has lots of sunlight shining in through the large windows. 
What book are you currently reading?  I just started reading Foundation by Isaac Asimov. 
Most memorable romantic scene from a movie?  Without a doubt, the scene from Out of Africa where Robert Redford is washing Meryl Streep’s hair.  He poured that water over her head and I thought I would melt.  I had the privilege of someone doing that to me once, and it was as romantic as I imagined it to be. 
If you could sit down with any author, who would it be?  The author of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, J.R.R. Tolkien.  I am fascinated by the worlds Tolkien created and would love to hear how he came up with his ideas.  I’d like to know how he developed the stories and, most importantly, kept it all straight.  I have pages of notes so I can keep the stories consistent. 
Dog or cat person?  Dog, definitely.  Although I like cats (and bunnies, snakes, birds and mice), dogs are my favorite.  I remember something someone told me long ago – DOG is GOD spelled backwards.  They love unconditionally and are always glad you’re home.  I prefer big dogs, especially Rottweilers. 
Sweet or salty snacks?  Sweet.  My husband once told me that my mother ruined me when I was little.  She put sugar in everything – spaghetti sauce, potato salad, baked beans.  I can live without salty, but I have to have sweet!!
High heels or flip flops?  Flip flops.  Have to be comfortable.  Plus I’m now too old to wear heels. 
TV shows or movies?  Movies.  The colors, sound and special effects are more extravagant in the movies.  Movies are more emotional, more stirring, more thought provoking.  I’ve seen a lot of great television, but I still haven’t seen one that can beat the big screen. 
Favorite color?  It has always been blue.  But since writing the Europa Saga books, I am now leaning towards lilac.  After all, that is the color of the Oonocks and Europa. 
and one more
Any phobias?  Spiders.  Definitely spiders.  I know they serve a purpose in nature and help keep down the insect population. Some are even quite beautiful, like the peacock spider of Australia.  Maybe it’s their eight legs that creeps me out.  Or the fact that they’re always hiding, ready to pounce out at you.  Nope, no matter how I try I can’t like spiders.  I always have my trusty sweeper ready to shuck up any in the hose that dares invade my house. 



When the Oonocks sank their golden city of Atlantis beneath the ocean, only the words of Plato gave testimony of its existence. Now learn a new thought of who the Atlantians were and why they had to sink their city that eventful night. Find out why 6000 years ago, the race known as the Oonocks left their beautiful lilac waters of Jupiter’s ice moon Europa to begin a new life on Earth. Discover the real Atlantians. Europa is a twenty year old human female who has never heard of the Oonocks. And although she’s heard of the legend of Atlantis, she’s never giving the story much thought. Her life has been fairly normal, as normal as any royal child’s can be. The secret of who she really is has been kept from her, but she does know that she is of royal birth, the next leader of her people, that her great-great-great grandparents had to flee their country, which no longer exists, and that their enemy’s descendants may still be hunting them. Therefore, she follows a strict set of security rules. Safe and happy, she lives on an isolated estate along the coast line in northern California. But her safety is an illusion, for their enemy has returned and is stalking the future queen, waiting for his chance to end her life. The day after her birthday, Europa’s perfect word is destroyed when JeffRa assassinates her mother, thinking she was Europa. As she struggles to deal with her mother’s death, Europa’s world is turned upside down when she discovers a secret attic above her mother’s bedroom. There, she finds picture of her parents hundreds of years old. But most terrifying of all is her mother’s diary. Inside, Queen Medaron wrote that Europa would be born human and never know who she really was. Europa desperately searches for the answers as to who she is, as she flees before the assassin. Along the way, Europa will lose almost everyone and everything she loves. In order to survive she must find the queen inside her. She must learn and accept the true story of Atlantis and the Oonock race


Author P. R. Garcia

When asked who I am, I usually tell people I am a not-too-grayed-haired old lady who, at the age of 61, was inspired to write a book. The book turned into two, then three. In three years I have written nine and am presently working on book ten. All are full length novels, averaging 464 pages each.

In 2008, I moved from Michigan to Southern California. Since I grew up along Lake Erie, I had a love for the water, so it wasn’t long before I could hear the ocean calling to me. I began to volunteer on the whale watching boats as a naturalist through Birch Scripps Aquarium and the San Diego Natural History Museum. It is there that I expanded my knowledge of cetaceans and other marine life, a knowledge and love I carried into the books.


To see my story play out on the big screen before I leave this world. My other dream is to receive at least one hundred reviews on the books. I welcome both favorable reviews and those with criticism.

For more information about the books, or me, visit my website: prgarcia1.com. There is an index on the web site showing the characters, as well as a listing of places and Oonock terms. I have a YouTube video on EUROPA Awakenings at https://youtu.be/EvSVloULZ2I

I just recently updated the cover of EUROPA Awakenings to better reflect the story. The cover now shows the red-haired Europa, with her sanctuary, Saint’s Isle, on the right had side, and the presence of a large whale’s tail on the left. The whale is key to her survival, but you’ll have to read the story to find out who he is. The first chapter was also updated, so you will note that the paperback holds a release date of 2-27-2016, while the eBook maintains the original 12-9-2013 date. They are both the same book. Due to the significant changes in Chapter One, the paperback required a new ISB Number and a new release date.

EUROPA Awakenings can be ordered through any bookstore or online on Amazon. For exciting news about the ocean, cetaceans or important environmental issues, you can follow my Facebook page Europa Awakenings, which is just shy of 1300 likes.

Check out her website here.


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