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Posted: October 31, 2016 in New Release, Short stories and collections, thriller
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A Collection Of Dark Tales

by Caleb Pirtle III, Sue Coletta, Rachel Aukes, Kimberly McGath, Jennifer Chase, Kristine Mason, Paul Dale Anderson, Kathy Love, Joe Broadmeadow, Elle J. Rossi

RUN: A Collection of Dark Tales by [Pirtle III, Caleb, Coletta, Sue, Aukes, Rachel, McGath, Kimberly, Chase, Jennifer, Mason, Kristine, Anderson, Paul Dale, Love, Kathy, Broadmeadow, Joe, Rossi, Elle J.]


My Review

How can you go wrong with this collection of dark stories. Even if you don’t like one, there are plenty of others you probably will. I did. And it’s such a fun way to discover new authors and get a bite from ones you already know.

The synopsis set the stage for each of these and the authors came though with some interesting tales. There were a couple that really messed with my head and I enjoyed every one of them.

If you like dark, macabre, stories and some surprise endings, you’ll enjoy this collection.

4 Stars



Nightmares come to life in this thrilling collection of dark tales.

Resurrection Morning by Caleb Pirtle III: Ambrose Lincoln is a man without a memory. The government has erased his mind with drugs and electric shots. He is a more effective operative, the powers say, if he has no fear. A man without fear can accomplish assignments that others would be afraid to try. Besides, a man cannot reveal any secrets if the secrets have been taken from him. Lincoln is sent to Paris with a British Intelligence officer to help a famous jazz singer escape. She has been smuggling German information out of the country, and someone has betrayed her. If the Gestapo finds the jazz singer first, she will be executed as a spy. Who can Lincoln trust, who wants him dead, and who can help them in their frantic, desperate flight from Paris to the English Channel? If the don’t make it out of France by morning, they won’t make it at all.

Black Out by Sue Coletta: When the power goes out on Bear Cat Mountain evil stalks the terrain. With a fallen tree blocking their only escape—live electrical wires dancing across the road and cell tower down—the body count quickly rises. Blu and Jake Carpaccio must track down the killer before they fall victim to his trap. But who can they trust? And how do you fight someone, or something, you cannot see?

Sweeton’s Shangri-La y Rachel Aukes: When a young couple discover a mythical paradise, they learn that a fantasy can all too quickly become a nightmare.

The Sideshow by Kimberly McGath: Katie Cartwright is struggling with her memory and is haunted by flashbacks. Regressing to an evening at the circus, things are not as they first appear. Strange events, suspicious deaths, and eerie music set the stage for an unforgettable trip to the big top.

Three Days by Jennifer Chase: Samantha Carr receives a special email invitation for three days to stay at a new luxury beach hotel. Nothing is as it appears including where the hotel is located. The view from her room changes, leading her into the middle of a gangland war. Will she be driven to madness or give in to the sinister force that relentlessly stalks her?

Smile For Me by Kristine Mason: Make me young, make me pretty, make me happy, make me smile… Lisa Duplain refuses to grow old gracefully. Fearing the aging process and desiring youth, she books a weekend at Melody’s Grace—a quaint bed and breakfast also known as the fountain of youth. But something wicked dwells within the walls of the B&B and not everyone who stays at Melody’s Grace leaves happy…even if they have a smile on their face.

Bleeder by Paul Dale Anderson: Lucy makes the mistake of answering her doorbell early one morning to find a handgun shoved in her face. The armed man, bleeding from gunshot wounds, forces Lucy to patch him up and hide him inside her house. But the bleeder picked the wrong house, and Lucy is far from innocent victim she pretends to be. A taut tale of blood and fury with no bounds.

A Love Story by Kathy Love: When a group of teens use social media to create a fictional love interest for a fellow classmate, they have no idea the horrible chain of events they will set in motion. Now they are the ones receiving messages from the boy they created. But the question is, who is sending them the messages? Someone who knows what they’ve done? One of their very own group? Or could it be something far more sinister? One thing is for certain, this isn’t a story about revenge. It’s a love story.

A Promise is a Promise by Joe Broadmeadow: When an innocent summer day turns into a lifetime nightmare, two friends make a promise to visit vengeance on those responsible. The naivete sets in motion a deadly conclusion.

The Game by Elle J Rossi: You win, you live. You lose, you die. The game is as simple and as complex as that.

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  1. I need to try and get into short stories but I still have a hard time with them, these sound interesting. :)

  2. I haven’t read stories like that in a long time. I used to read the Fear Street series by R.L. Stine which kind of remind me of these. ~Aleen

    • fuonlyknew says:

      These are more mature stories. I have a bunch of the Stine books. Still read them from time to time!

  3. Oh this looks good, I love these type of collections for reading in-between books.

  4. These sound wicked good. I have read some of them already and follow the authors. I can only think the rest will be just as good.
    sherry @ fundinmental

    • fuonlyknew says:

      I knew you’d like these too. It was hard to write a review without spoilers so I kept it short and sweet. LOL

  5. Thanks so much for the review and for featuring our anthology! My story is Smile for Me 😀 This was a fun project and I loved writing a short story. We’re going to have another anthology out next year! Thanks again!

  6. I read two horror anthologies for Halloween and I had forgotten how much I used to like short story collections. I think I will be on the lookout for them now. This has a fab trailer. I will be checking it out on Goodreads. Thanks for sharing your review. :)