Saturday Screams #21 and Creepy Christmas

Posted: December 10, 2016 in Action/Adventure, Adult Fiction, Children's books, horror, reviews, YA Fantasy
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Welcome to my Saturday Screams.

Got some good ones to share today. A little bit of horror and some fun fantasy.

Let’s get to it!


Killer Young Adult Fiction

Shocking Tales Of Horror And The Post-Apocalypse

by Jackson Dean Chase



Genre: YA Horror / Post-Apocalypse

My Review

I’m quite fond of collections and love horror and I’m so glad I read these.

Mr. Chase gives you thrills and chills with short stories, poems and books.  That saying, “You’ve been warned,” definitely applies here as the author pulls no punches in his descriptions.

From the supernatural to the paranormal to otherworldly, entities of terror roam these pages. The horror and suspense will have you looking over your shoulder at that noise behind you and glancing fearfully at that phantom something you glimpse out of the corner of your eye.

Be sure you have a torch handy in case the lights go out.

I’d recommend reading this at night so you get the full affects!

4 Stars


Killer Young Adult Fiction is the perfect midnight read. Demons, Ghosts, Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies and more are waiting inside…

This deluxe collector’s edition contains the complete 6-book Young Adult Horror series, plus two bonus books: “Hard Times in Dronetown,” and the all-new post-apocalypse shocker, “Alien Rain.”

That’s over 400 scary pages by YA’s best and brightest new talent!



Creepy Christmas

by Toby Bennett



Genre: Horror and Macabre Collection

My Review

You get five tales of horror and strange in this collection. And a bonus story about a sunbathing vampire.

These brief nibbles dabble in some dark horror. No characters are safe and there’s more than one kind of monster to fear.

I don’t like to play favorites so I won’t name any, but I sure would like a couple of these to be enlarged upon.

I got a sense of the author’s humor in these pages too, especially with the sunbathing vampire.

If you like quickies, these would be some fun stocking stuffers.

3 Stars


A ghoulish collection of zany and macabre tales that you can use to while away the long hours until it’s time to take the tree down again.

Thrill to “The Chimney Trap” – A boy sets out to catch Santa but what is really in that cage on the roof?

Howl at the sound of “Santa’s Paws” an interlude with werewolves based entirely on a weak pun.

Stuff yourself with the macabre contents of “Someone always feeds the children” – blind cannibals and a squirming Christmas dinner.

Feel the mounting fear of the man who truly discovered Santa in his monolithic tomb, “That is not dead that makes us eternal buy”!

Or just get away from it all in the sun with the “Recreational Vampire”

Something for everyone – as long as everyone likes five types of stories in: Toby Bennett’s Creepy Christmas.



Creepy Christmas

by Jaimie Admans



Genre: YA Children’s / YA Fantasy

My Review

All Kaity wants for Christmas is her parents to get back togehter. But there’s a problem, or several.

Mom’s new boyfriend for one. He gives Kaity the creeps.

And what’s with the snowmen. They mysteriously showed up one night. There’s something not right about them. And was Kaity mistaken, or was the one in her garden now closer to their house?

Anti-Claus is in town and trange scary things start to’s up to Kaity to get to the bottom of things and save Christmas.

Don’t let the ambiguous cover fool you. This is a delightful and a bit creepy Christmas tale of hope, friendship, and family. There are some heart-warming characters along with some creepy ones.

I was pleasantly surprised by how much depth there actually was to this story.

Grab a cuppa something hot, snuggle in, and enjoy this charming tale.

 4  Stars


Strange things are occurring in the neighbourhood. A mysterious snowfall, one Santa too many, and eyes of coal that watch you wherever you go.

Ten-year-old Kaity is busy trying to get rid of her mum’s creepy new boyfriend and reunite her divorced parents, but her curiosity gets the better of her when she meets the new mall Santa and his enchanting daughter Blizzard. Can Kaity help them save Christmas from being destroyed by Anti-Claus – a pretend Santa who is a permanent member of the naughty list?

It’s Christmas in the village of Chelferry, but this year the snowmen can move, the fairy won’t stay on top of the Christmas tree, and if you listen closely to the musical Christmas cards, you can hear the faint sound of screaming over the Jingle Bells…

Creepy Christmas is a 50,000 word (approx 200 pages) novel suitable for ages 8 and upwards.

This is free right now. Click on the link below to grab a copy.



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  1. Yep, I think you have supplied us with a good amount of creepy reading material. Well done.
    sherry @ fundinmental

  2. Great post, I have the Creepy Christmas by Jaime Adams but not read it. The box set sounds great as well. :)