My Monday Minis Reviews #55 ~ Flesh For The Zombies

Posted: March 20, 2017 in horror, Monday's Minis, reviews
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Welcome to My Monday Minis where I share short reviews, mostly, about books I’ve read.

For today I’ve got another chapter in the story of Mike Beem. If you’ve read Anthony Renfro’s other zombie books, you’ll recognize him. If you haven’t read them, no worries, as the stories can stand alone.

Flesh For The Zombies

by Anthony Renfro


Genre: Horror


My Review

I’m a fan of short stories and zombies so it was an easy decision for me to read this book. Plus, I’ve been following the story of Mike Beem from the first book the author wrote about him.

Mike Beem is a hero, but he doesn’t think so. He thinks he’s just a man doing what anyone would do to help people and survive the zombie apocalypse.

Things are looking pretty good for the community. They’ve managed to build some kind of life. But it doesn’t last. A darkness comes calling and tragedy strikes. Seeing the destruction and loss of loved ones and friends, Mike snaps. The question isn’t just whether he’ll get his revenge, it’s also, will he be recognizable afterwards.

Anthony is a master at making his characters three dimensional with just a sentence or two to describe them. They become living characters that you can see and come to care about. Or despise, depending on their demeanor. I should know by now that not everyone can live in a zombie apocalypse. It’s horror, after all. But, it gets me every time when someone I only got to know for a brief time, dies. That’s how quickly you can become attached to them.

What happens to Mike’s community is so terribly sad. What Mike does to right the wrong is horrific. I hate that Mike has to go where he does. I can’t see a happy ending. And, if he survives, what he will be afterwards is a looming question as you read this short story.

Big feelings in a short bite of horror.

5 Stars



When Mike Beem’s community is savagely attacked, he must exact revenge on those who wronged him. He must put aside all the good he has ever accomplished in order to become someone else. A man without a moral compass. A man without right or wrong. A man who is a cold blooded killer. Will he get his justice or will he die trying? The answers lie within the pages of this short story.

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  1. I’m not really a fan of short stories in general though I like my zombies. So I’m not really sure whether to read it or not. I haven’t heard of the author so it’s always nice to get info about someone I haven’t read before!

    • fuonlyknew says:

      He’s going to start writing a novel and I’m excited about that. I enjoy his short stories and it would be fun to get a larger bite of his writing.

  2. You and your short stories and zombies. :) Glad you enjoyed it.

  3. I love Mike Beem. I read several of his shorts last night, catching up on reading his books. He’s a fabulous character and I am looking forward to reading this one. Great review.
    sherry @ fundinmental

  4. Sounds good! I love me some zombies.

  5. atothewr says:

    Thanks for the kind words. I am glad you enjoyed this one. Probably my darkest story.

    • fuonlyknew says:

      You took Mike to a dark place. It was tough to see that and you made him even more endearing, Anthony!

  6. I might do a zombie theme for this year’s Halloween reading. I will keep this in mind! :)